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Since the start of the calendar year Walter Smith has came in and installed stability into the Rangers team again and we finished last season strong in the league.


There was huge question marks in the summer as to whether David Murray would stump up some cash so we could add to our thin squad. We werent asking for Henry and Rooney but just enough to improve and start climbing the mountain again.


Murray supplied the cash and we now have players in abundance. Not every player will be a good buy but when money is tight at Rangers its important the manager buys well and id rather go for more experienced players than potential talent. There isnt wrong with having 1 or 2 potential talented players in the squad and let them gain experience and gradually build up the younger ones.


But I have to question a couple of Smiths buys. Thomson just hasnt done it for me. He has had a handful of good games but I now think he is struggling. Whittaker reminds me in a Smith buy from the 90s when we were able to throw a few million at players who dont work out but the RM isnt near settled and he looks a terrible buy. It is early days for him and we hope he transforms this soon. Naimsith is a player whom we chased and chased - He hasnt featured much so cant be really judged but he hasnt started too badly at all.

The other SPL talent that was bought havent kicked a ball - Gow and Broadfoot. The latter was always going to be a squad player but many thought Gow could play apart and his game is a attack minded with creativity - something we havent had this year.


Now Im not for one minute slamming Walter as we are sitting nicely in all competitions but we got a few reminders last season with poor draws towards the end of the season that complacieny (sp) must be eradicated from our play. We have had 2 away games in a row in the SPL and turned up poorly twice not looking like a team who has played together. Our next 3 games are Hibs, Celtic and Dundee Utd - 3 of the 4 sides making up the top 4 in the league along with ourselves.


I think Walter needs to work out his best team sooner rather than later and he MUST start bringing others in who deserve a chance. We dont need major re-shuffling, just a wee tweak here and there.


The CL games will differ from SPL matches but only in the shape of the side which would mean a couple of changes at most. Our chopping and changing should be left until forced upon us with injuries and suspensions and for the League cup games.


I think everyman and his dog would have Novo in the team right now. he offers 110%, wants to play for the shirt and scores goals. And there is a huge shout for Hemdani to play again. Gow and Buffel need to get mileage onto them again so id be bringing them on for the last 30 mins of games until they are ready for a start.

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totally agree mate. walters squad rotation is costing us points and will continue to do so untill he gets his best team on the park. if we are to have any consistency this season then we have to have consistency in the team selection. theres a couple of players in the first eleven who could do with a spell on the bench and theres plenty of fringe players waiting for their chance. its big decision time walter. dont leave it too late.

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