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Just when you think the gas is at a peep on this story, step forward Graham Spiers to exhale bilious air to the flame. The Scottish football world is waiting for the Dandy Don hammer to fall upon Jim Goodwin and, Spiers takes to Twitter :


Not sure this is a popular view with the Dandies but I hope Dave Cormack and Aberdeen FC go the extra mile for Jim Goodwin.

His team were sheer guts and conviction against Rangers on the 20th December and, again at Hampden nine days ago.

Darvel was a disaster but Jim Goodwin is a good manager.


I suspect ra Bhoy in Corduroy has summed up Aberdeen FC in one short paragraph? As Richard Gough said over thirty years ago, "Aberdeen only play four games a season". However, I believe Graham has an alternative motive here. We know Graham and his son have been season ticket holders at ra Stade de Gadd these last four years and, Jim Goodwin and his son also have similar briefs. Could Graham be wanting Jim to remain in Furryboots city so he and his bhoy can nab Jim's tickets among the heated, green comfy seats in the North Stand?


We should be told.

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After rhe game on Monday night I had a quick look at the AFC chat to gauge the reaction of the AFC fans. What a weird bunch they are and w warning, if you click the link, be prepared for some disgusting anti-Rangers content - https://afc-chat.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/46443-darvel-1-0-aberdeen/


On Jim Goodwin, I have some sympathy for him,  I know, I know but hear me out. When a club go through managers quicker than some Celtic fans go through cans of Lynx, you wonder if the manager is the problem.


When we were demoted, Dolly got used to being 2nd best and laughed as we were languishing in the lower levels. Even after we finally got back to SPFL, they managed to get 2nd place and beat us in a couple of semi-finals. Del Boy was the toast of the Dandys.


Once we got our act together, Del became a hopeless "h@n" and was sacked. 


Since then Aberdeen have gone from bad to worse and managers have come and gone.


I said when the debate around Gio was raging, at some-point you require stability, nothing is achieved by constantly changing managers.


I think Goowin will get sacked and some other mug will be installed and Aberdeen will continue their mediocrity, as well as an irrelevant and the cycle will continue. 


If you dare(d) to click the link, you'll notice that a growing number of AFC fans are questioning the players and the board but will be placated with Goodwin head. 


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Had a look at afc chat to see how they are coping. I hadn’t realised the extent of their obsession with Rangers. What team is most mentioned in the Hibs v Aberdeen match thread? Neither of the two who were actually playing.


One of their intellectuals writes that he would feel better with news that Edminston (sic) House had burned down and all inside it perished.

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