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Gender Bender Gender Pretender Agenda

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2 hours ago, Idisi said:

This is not true, is it?


It’s reported in various papers, so I’m afraid it is. What’s wrong with an old fashioned Commissionaire at the door?


Well played this week in Madrid.

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The Free Speech Union have prepared a template for anyone wishing to email their MP about the conversion therapy ban.  It only takes a couple of minutes to do and I think it's very worthwhile, as it helps protect parents and children against state child abuse!


Here's the link.



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"Trans people promised better access to fertility treatments

Scottish government draws up 50-point plan to address needs of non-binary population"


Well, it's good to see that Matheson has not been watching rasellik on his works' iPad, all of the time. 


It seems that NHS resources will be hypothecated to pander to women, who claim to be men, have undergone surgeries, and have crammed themselves full of testosterone, and who wish, despite the foregoing, to have babies. I don't think that that is without risk, esp to the unborn child, to say the least. 


I am guessing that men, who claim to be women, who have had the three piece suite removed by Pickfords, and have been taking God knows what cocktail of Big Pharma meds, will not be the ones getting pregnant. 


Maybe the ploy is to have batteries of surrogate mothers, and wet nurses; on the Parish, of course.


Oh, and if you wonder what 'non-binary' means, worry no more:

Scottish Trans define a non-binary person as

"a person identifying as either having a gender which is in-between or beyond the two categories 'man' or 'woman', as fluctuating between

'man' and 'woman', or as having no gender, either permanently or some of the time."

You're welcome. 


"....the Scottish government is funding a “lived experience co-ordinator” to engage with trans and non-binary patients who have used or are waiting for gender identity NHS services."

I should like someone to engage with me on opthalmological services.

Fat chance. Maybe have dye the hair, and wear a man's dress, and kitten heels....



Trans people promised better access to fertility treatments

Scottish government draws up 50-point plan to address needs of non-binary population

Helen Puttick

Friday November 17 2023, 12.01am, The Times


The Scottish government has promised equal access to fertility preservation, such as sperm and egg freezing, for the trans and non-binary community


Trans people will get better access to fertility treatments under a 50-point action plan drawn up by Scottish government officials to address the needs of the country’s non-binary population.

A review of gender information on identity documents, the impact of “LGBT- inclusive” education in schools and the inclusion of biological sex data in NHS numbers are all promised in the document

Ministers have also vowed to commission research on the way current regulations and guidance influence the operation of Scotland’s public buildings “in a way that impacts” Scotland’s estimated 24,000 trans and non-binary people.

They promise to ensure future legislation “does not use unnecessarily gendered terminology” and to develop a system for paying representatives from the community to ensure they are consulted on future policy decisions.

Funding for mandatory training for community NHS staff such as GPs and mental health professionals on the needs of non-binary patients is also included.

The plan covers the period 2023 to 2028 and follows a working group report published in spring 2022.


It notes that the Scottish government is funding a “lived experience co-ordinator” to engage with trans and non-binary patients who have used or are waiting for gender identity NHS services.


Marion Calder, of the campaign group For Women Scotland, poured scorn on the recommendations, suggesting they were a distraction from more serious issues.

She said: “Scotland appears to be on a one-track path to embarrassing itself in front of the world. Rather than address real societal problems such as poverty, health and drug addiction it has decided to make stuff up. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

“Anyone involved in this should hang their head in shame.”


Elements of the action plan are likely to be controversial. Questions have been raised about the implications of allowing patients to change their NHS community health index (CHI) number so it reflects an adopted gender rather than original biological sex.

One neuroscience researcher from Edinburgh University wrote a paper warning it was potentially dangerous and suggested patients could miss out on important screening programmes and healthcare research would be hampered by the change.

The action plan pledges that a complete review with the chief medical officer into the wider clinical impact of amendments to the CHI number will be completed by April 2024.


Equal access to fertility preservation — such as sperm and egg freezing — is promised. Cancer patients whose ability to conceive is likely to be affected by treatment are among those who are currently offered fertility preservation on the NHS.

The Scottish government has said they will “work with the UK government to provide clarity to trans and non-binary people about their legal rights regarding fertility preservation, access to assisted reproduction services, and status when creating families, and work to prevent discrimination in realising these rights”.

A commitment to ensuring mental health services and support are always available to trans and non-binary people is made in the strategy.


Robin Harper, the former Scottish Green Party MSP and former guidance teacher, said funding for child and adolescent mental health services was “woeful” and this should be addressed for everyone, not just through focusing on one particular community.


The document was published on the Scottish government website hours before Michael Matheson, Scottish health secretary, made a statement about the £11,000 bill run up on his laptop while overseas.


Vic Valentine, manager of Scottish Trans, part of the Equality Network, and member of the working group on non-binary equality, said: “It is really positive to see this action plan published, and to see that the Scottish government has made public, concrete and measurable commitments to changes that will make non-binary people’s lives better.

“I particularly welcome the commitments that will have a positive impact not only on non-binary people but on marginalised people more widely: such as those that seek to make it easier and fairer for people on benefits to participate in policy making processes and be paid for their time, and to look at how the design of public buildings does, or doesn’t, work for everyone in Scotland.”

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So, they made Best Artist award 'gender neutral' to please the alphabet people.  Now they've had to increase nominees because no females were shortlisted last time round.

Sex doesn't matter but it does when one sex isn't recognised sufficiently by a pointless awards ceremony.


Make up your minds, you bloody cretins!




"The Brit awards will double the number of nominees for gender-neutral categories, it has been announced, after widespread criticism over a lack of diversity.

Organisers of the annual music ceremony said the artist of the year and international artist of the year prizes would have 10 nominees from next year, up from five.

There was criticism in January when it was revealed that no women had been shortlisted for the best artist prize, which had replaced the best male and female categories two years ago."

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