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I recently ordered the new West Ham away top from the West Ham website. It eventually got here via my folks place but when I opened it there was a tiny hole on the front which could have even been from me opening the package with scissors.


However I called up West ham and told them and they said i should return it and they will replace it. But i explained that it will take 1 week to send it over then another week to get my new one and they may sell out (coz the internet sales is separate from the club shop and they ran out last month) and i want to wear the shirt.


So the supervisor came on the phone and said considering im at the other end of the world as a goodwill gesture i can destroy the one i have and they will send a new one free of charge. I asked if they were nuts as i could be lying and im prepared to email the hole but they said its ok.


Ive kept the shirt ive got coz the hole is almost unnoticeable and they sent a new shirt already to my folks place. So now i have 2 away shirts.


That was top quality customer service

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Knew they had to resort to giving West ham tops away lol


Met a family an the dad was a mad west ham fan, totally totally gutted that his 5 year old wee boy has chosed to support Chelsea cos of friends. Went mad when he came back from the markt with the yellow top, even worse whne I told him Id asked for west ham tops for him, an the turk said, nah they crap :D

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