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Watching day 1 of NZ v SA in NZ that I've recorded and it's a pretty green wicket, not far off what I've played on at my club.


Beautiful setting Mount Maunganui, that and Cape Town are the best venues for me.


And Galle in Sri Lanka actually.

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India won by 100+ in the end, you do watch England under Stokes and McCullum and think they do get out to daft shots more than good bowling.


Saying that it's been that way with England in Test cricket for years now, since at least the 2019 Ashes series.


Maybe McCullum saw that and thought 'heck, if they can't select good shots let's just be aggressive with it and score runs at a good lick'.


You can see the logic.


Bumrah is brilliant to watch though.

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NZ beat SA by 200+ in their first Test, brutal first innings for the inexperienced SA batting lineup.


Them and WI need to start playing Tests more regularly, as long as it's viable and they're not just hemorrhaging losses.


The ICC need to pull their finger out.

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India tottering at 33-3 recover to 253-4, Jadeja 90 no. He’s caused England a lot of bother over the years with bat and ball. Ashwin is something similar. They must be retiring soon.

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1 hour ago, Rousseau said:


Tbf Stokes should probably be pushing Alec Stewart by now if it wasn't for injuries.


Shame really, you can't even call him an all rounder these days because his knees won't let him bowl.

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