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Premier League 2023/24

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25 minutes ago, compo said:

Just been reading that Chelsea have spent almost one billion pounds since the yank took over from previous owner right some of you lads that know the rules tell me when will financial fair play kick in .

Are they not getting away with it because of the length of most of these new contract, 7,8 or 9 years and this window in particular are selling a lot of home-grown players which will go down as total 100% profit.

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2 hours ago, Sutton_blows_goats said:

Dont think they are in europe so not sure it applies to them

Sky Sports Chelsea Article re FFP


Also "Chelsea's 12th placed finish last season also means that they do not have to adhere to UEFA regulations as they did not qualify for Europe. Simon Jordan has outlined how that approach under Boehly has helped the Blues to stay within the laws of FFP, albeit with a loophole."


I hadn't realised not being in Europe made a difference.  IMO it should be enforced for every club regarless of European football or league position.

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1 hour ago, compo said:

I’m watching a good game between United and Forrest 

It’s going to end 2-4, do you reckon?


Meanwhile along the road at Goodison two mighty names struggle in a relegation battle.


4-2, of course. Don’t know my home or away.

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1 hour ago, compo said:

Wife wouldn’t let me go racing so I’m watching a good game between United and Forrest 

I've got a lot of time for Taiwo, didn't get a chance at Liverpool but grafted his way to the prem through loans and the bundesliga and now looks like he could be a 15-20 goal a season striker.


Pretty much kept Forest up with his goals in the run in last season, the boy just needs to stay fit.

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