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Should Beale be sacked?

Should Beale be sacked?  

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  1. 1. Should Beale be sacked?

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49 minutes ago, Bill said:

To answer the question you first have to decide whether it's likely there might be some advantage in delaying what to me seems an inevitability. In other words, have you seen anything in Beale's leadership that suggests a reversal of current misfortunes.


For myself, I see nothing to hang hope on and I would sack him now before even more damage is done. Basically, I think we have a windbag whose entire focus is on his own status.

Sack Beale & who takes over? Who succeeds him?

we can’t go back to the Murty-type nonsense again

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1 hour ago, RANGERRAB said:

Andy Halliday made a good point on SSB tonight. He said regarding Rangers starting XI yesterday only 3 were summer signings and had Barasic been fit only 2 would have played & one was the GK

Beales summer recruitment will soon cost him his job unless something dramatic happens and soon. Same as Warburton’s 2016 summer recruitment cost him his job

Pleasing that Halliday reads Gersnet.

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The board are ina very tricky position now, he’s lost the fans but can the board really sack him after a handful of games in the season? I don’t think Beale can turn this around, but also I’m not sure that the board have the evidence yet that it isn’t going to work.

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2 minutes ago, Blue Moon said:

He has lost the fans spectacularly.

The only way he can turn this around is to beat Celtic and win the league cup. Problem is we will lose more ground before then because he can’t set up a team to dominate and win and I can’t see us winning the league cup either. We are just so bad.


I couldn’t care less about Europe.

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Not ideal but I think you have to give him time to properly incorporate the summer signings and find his best starting combinations.


Pre-season laid bare that we were undercooked and what has happened was always on the cards.


Obviously the period of time given will be reduced if the tendency of performance and results don't improve. 


After financial front loading of squad development, we are staring at a potential widening gulf re. Españolification and as expectations get more unrealistic, fewer clued up managers will even want the job.

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