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Jim Forrest has passed away

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3 minutes ago, Bill said:

Forrest was denied the opportunity to fulfil his Rangers destiny, it was a terrible decision. He was McCoist but better.


We are seeing so many old heroes pass away

A goal machine, by all accounts, and records, who was treated very shabbily, after Berwick, taking the blame for the debacle.

I have a feeling that this cost the Club, big time. 

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Struck the fiercest shot I ever saw, a volley from about fifteen yards at Tynecastle. Didn’t score but the crossbar that got in the way shivered for what seemed like ages. Actually, five seconds.


Poor McNeill. Thought Millar was out of the way for a while and along came Forrest.

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Would have been the greatest striker in the clubs history if the manager at the time would have stood up to the chairman a whole career unfulfilled by panic in the boardroom and a silly little thing was we shared the same birthday R.I.P.

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I attended my first Rangers match at Cathkin Park in 1962, Jim Forrest was our centre forward.


Jim was prolific, he had a plethora of very good inside forwards, wingers and, half backs supplying him. Mercurial is the best word to describe him, a fluidity that was most difficult to contain.


His end at Rangers was most undeserving. In fact if he and his cousin, Alex Willoughby had been retained, we would have won the European Cup Winners Cup in Nuremberg in 1967. We lost 1-0 to Jock Wallace's Berwick Rangers in the third round of the Scottish Cup at the end of January'67 and the then Chairman, John Lawrence demanded scapegoats. Forrest, Willoughby and, George(the Dandy)McLean were deemed het. They were sold for comparative peppercorn fees to Aberdeen and Dundee.


Jim notched 145 goals in 163 games.

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