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Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu tells Gaza residents to “GET OUT NOW”

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1 hour ago, Idisi said:

Probably any child that is against Israel or does something anti-Israel.

If a fully-armed Englishman came to your house and throws your family out, you would probably just obey and never throw a stone his way?

Perhaps you just want to define the term "child" to suit your line of thought? Legally, it would not matter.


Some children were not fighting. It was just poor timing:



Like carry a bomb to an Israeli checkpoint? 

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58 minutes ago, Idisi said:

Yes. A lot is being made about China, especially with the Uigurs. If someone gets beyond the propganda screen, like with Soviet gulaks, the story gets rather different. The cencus shows that e.g. the population of Uigurs grew continuously for decades and still does. Genocide does not work this way, if I remember correctly?

Then why are the Palestinians and there useful idiots shouting about a genocide? The Palestinian population has exploded - excuse the pun, in recent years and is growing more rapidly than the Israeli population. 


I don't think you/the left would recognise genocide if you were slap bang in the middle of one. 

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54 minutes ago, Idisi said:

So far, I have not heard a word of massive bombing and killing of Uigur civilians and active resettling-activities. 

But I guess you just want to troll a bit. 


I am still astonished at the mindset of some people on here, who, in this day and age, clearly make some humans (women, elderly, and children) better than others. That is core Nazi values on display. Very disturbing.

Clearly you're not very bright but I'll try to drive this point through anyway. You claim the Uighars are not subject to genocide because their population is increasing .... while claiming the Palestinians are suffering genocide despite their population increasing. I merely highlighted this confusing contradiction in the apparently vain hope you might explain your baffling view of the world.

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22 hours ago, alexscottislegend said:

Peut etre.....peut etre non




And there is a useful map.....

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