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Brandon Barker

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4 minutes ago, Devil's advocaat said:

I think 10% mentality is too small a component John tbh, I think it's definitely higher.

I suppose that, if you consider two players of substantially similar ability, and one becomes a top pro, and one drifts down through the leagues (or disappears from the game entirely), it is ALL in the head, the mind, the psyche. 

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There's definitely something in our psyche that means we seem to like to get off our tits more often than many other nations, I think there's many different societal factors in that, but even taking that out of the equation, there's still many cases of talents that don't make it, and many lesser talents that do.


Roy Aitken was a perfect example of that, not a very talented player at all, completely over achieved, but had something in terms of drive that facilitated it.

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15 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

Compare the size of McCausland to Lovelace or Bassey. 

People from hilly countries (ie. Scotland and Japan) are smaller than people from flat countries (ie. the Netherlands and Senegal).  Give us a few thousand years of mixed race evolution and we'll catch up.  

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24 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

Compare the size of McCausland to Lovelace or Bassey. 

You can delve deeply into genetics and everything that goes with it, but even looking at boys football, at 7 or 8 years old, the kids that come from less salubrious area are generally still head and shoulders above the kids from better off families. They'll be the kids that are out kicking a ball outwith training and games, whereas the richer ones will only kick a ball with their team or training kit on. 


However,  these kids from less well off backgrounds will not have as good a diet, and there's every chance all of their previous generations will be the same, and they're also the kids that are most likely to end up with addiction issues.





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