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[FT] Dundee 0 - 5 Rangers (Jack 5; Danilo 51; Lammers 74; Dessers 82; Tavernier 90+1pen)

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6 minutes ago, yuddie said:

Geniune question, what was Lammers looking at when that ball was coming down?

Apart from trying to avoid the football, I have no idea what he's trying to do most of the time.  

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2 minutes ago, yuddie said:

I know the first one was offside but that's 2 sitters missed from 6 yards out...


Scott Wright is having a very good game imo!

Think we're playing well as a team - even Lammers at times but could do with 2nd goal.

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8 minutes ago, SykseyBear said:

sima is atrocious. 

He's been one of our best players this season.  Does have a bit of the 'Ted McMinn: no one (including him) knows quite what he's going to do' sort of vibe.

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  • Frankie changed the title to [HT] Dundee 0 - 1 Rangers (Jack 5)

It's getting there slowly I think, we're definitely getting better at winning the ball back in the middle third.


Abdallah had a really poor half for me though, heavy touches and bad passes galore.


Couple more goals lads c'mon.

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Start at full throttle, suddenly remember the petrol price and go down into gear 2 (at best).


We should be out of sight here ... but then the DMs and CDs remember that they are Premiership kings of tiki-taka and bore us to death. Clement should whip some bums here!

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Found that first 45mins really frustrating. We played some nice stuff up until the box whereupon our final ball, cross and finish were atrocious. I do think the pitch is trickier than it looks but we really should be out of sight with Danilo missing two great chances especially.

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