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[FT] Hearts 1 - 3 Rangers (Tavernier 50pen, 64; Wright 55)

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First half was flat but second half a vast improvement.

Bringing on Wright for the struggling Cantwell played a big part in the end result.

Would appear PC likes Wright just as GvB did. Beale was trying to flog him to Turkey.

Both Lundstrum & Jack are our best central MF pairing at the moment & both are out of contract end of season I think. Be interesting to see how that one plays out.

Raskin & Cifuentes need to get their finger out to be their successors


Were both pens correct decision? I had a poor view in the West Stand unfortunately 

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The Famous were very good today. No lack of effort from the players, although not all were effective. Great substitutions by the Manager. I have to say Tav, Butland, Lundstram, Danilo, Goldson and Balogun were excellent, and Wright has been a great impact player for Clement. If Wright maintains this form, and Lawrence is fit, Cantwell and Lammers will struggle to hold down a starting place.  

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The difference in work rate across the whole squad is remarkable and that can be down to no one other than the manager, who appears to be as astute as Beale was bone headed. But the improvement he's brought to certain players is even more impressive. For example, from virtual exile in the footballing wilderness, Scott Wright now plays like he believes he's a worthy member of the team. There are green shoots appearing and for the first time in ages I'm starting to flirt with that dangerous old tease called hope.


Lots of good performances today, I thought the midfield pairing of Jack and Lundstram were particularly effective. Lundstram has been in good form for a while now but I was starting to think Jack might struggle to find a place. However, the last two games have convinced me we are a better side when Jack plays and the more he plays the better he gets.

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