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Goldson Plaudits? Too Soon?

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We are all besotted with Butland and Sima was on fire for a few weeks but would I be wrong in saying Connor Goldson has been our most consistent outfield performer this season?


We're racking up the clean sheets in all comps so I thought I'd delve into his stats...


Total duels won 5.6 (72%)
Ground duels won 2.9 (80%)
Aerial duels won 2.7 (65%)
Interceptions per game 0.2
Tackles per game 1.5
Possession won 0.1
Balls recovered per game 7.7
Dribbled past per game 0.2
Clearances per game 2.5
Error led to shot 0
Error led to goal 0
Penalties committed 0
I'll add the same stats from season 55...
Interceptions per game 0.9
Tackles per game 1.3
Possession won 0.0
Dribbled past per game 0.2
Clearances per game 3.0
Error led to shot 1
Error led to goal 0
Penalties committed 0
Total duels won 6.8 (71%)
Ground duels won 2.5 (68%)
Aerial duels won 4.2 (72%)
Of course there's the eye test but I think another couple of weeks of these types of performances and we can say that Connor is back to his best.
Tell me what you think anyways.



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The contract thing is nonsense Alex buddy, the club knew exactly what the situation was, GVB knew in January Goldson was going nowhere. Ross Wilson knew. The club were 100% in the loop and happy to trust the player and his reps. 


My problem with Goldson is Hibs at Hampden. I can't shake it and i don't care what anyone else thinks about that. He was finished that day in my eyes. I've never been able to forgive him or get over it. 


I wouldn't have gave him a new deal, i wanted him out. But then, that's me! 

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Due to recovering from injury, I think Goldson struggled earlier in the season to a degree but in recent weeks has started to find some form again and, importantly, that extra half-yard of pace all defenders need.


He's still guilty of the odd bad clearance and silly pass but, all things considered, he's a loss when unavailable as opposed to a gain.


It will be interesting to see how we cope without him against Aris in a couple of weeks - the opposition should hopefully minimise that affect but they were decent in attack so I'm hoping Souttar will be available.

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Decent player with great availability statistics who has found himself at the core of a series of key defeats . Fine when we have league games and the like where we have a spare CD but come the pressure points when he is having to play head to head with any decent player he is fragile imo .


for me the pairing is like to see is Souttar on rhs and Balogun on the left with Tav and Borna in the Fullback roles .

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