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Gersnet Rangers All-time XI | Day 1: Goalkeeper

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As it's the international break, I thought we could partake in a little exercise doing the rounds on social media. 


Every day for 11 days (11 days, 11 players) we'll pick the best all-time Rangers player for each position. 


The most voted/mentioned player gets added to the lineup. 


Day 1: Goalkeeper. Who is the best all-time Rangers 'keeper?


[LCF - Day 10] - [RCF - Day 11]


[LW - Day 6] - [LCM - Day 7] - [RCM - Day 8] - [RW - Day 9]


[LB - Day 2] - [LCB - Day 3] - [RCB - Day 4] - [RB - Day 5]


[GK - Day 1]

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Regency bias is always present in these discussions. Andy Goram played 181 games for Rangers and for those of us lucky to have seen him he literally won matches for us, Leeds away and numerous Celtic matches come to mind. While the perfect keeper for that time, I doubt Goram would be our number one now, his kicking wasn't his strength, but his agility, reflexes and ability to get inside opposing players and managers heads was unrivalled. 


Stefan Klos played 254 times for Rangers, a wonderful return for a player who looked after himself and studied the game. Like Goram he wasn't strong with his passing but his ability to pull off saves was equal to Goram's in my opinion. Klos lacked the personality of Goram, he was quieter and didn't have the rapport with the support that Goram did. But 'der goalie' was an incredible Rangers keeper. 


Bobby Brown spent the 7 seasons before joining Rangers fighting in the 2nd world war. Training to be a PE teacher and playing with Queens Park he joined up along with 5 of his fellow students. He was the only one of them to return. Brown played for Rangers 211 times, a period when Scottish football was genuinely competitive. Bill Struth chose Brown as his first choice for 8 seasons, Brown then remained as an understudy to George Niven for a further 2 years. 


George Niven himself made 221 appearances for Rangers, holding the number 1 spot for nearly a decade. He holds the unusual distinction of being the Scot with the most appearances for Rangers to have never gone on and played for his country. 


His successor was Billy Ritchie, who some on the forum might have seen play. He made 207 appearances for Rangers, including a European final. 


Where regency bias is a negative is with Allan McGregor. I think McGregor is our all time best goalkeeper. I didn't see Niven, Brown or Ritchie play, but I did see Goram, Klos and McGregor and the latter edges it for me. I suspect many of our memories are clouded by last season, a season to far for McGregor. But McGregor made 346 appearances for Rangers and pulled off the two best saves I've ever watched, against Bremen and Slavia. McGregor combined agility and instinctive reflexes with a commanding presence and a will to win that helped transform our dressing room into league winners. These things are subjective, but for me Allan McGregor shades it, but there's some competition for his place. 

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Klos - brilliant

Goram - superb

But my vote goes to McGregor - none of these 3 were the best with cross balls and all great shot stoppers but McGregor edges it for me.

How many world class match winnings saves did that man pulled off?

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Since I started following Rangers in about 1984. We've been blessed with a number of great keepers. Woods, Goram, Klos and McGregor.  Even the likes of Waterreus and Walker were solid keepers. But purely for his contribution in my time watching and supporting Rangers. It has to be Goram.

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