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Gersnet Rangers All-time XI | Day 2: Left-back

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As it's the international break, I thought we could partake in a little exercise doing the rounds on social media. 


Every day for 11 days (11 days, 11 players) we'll pick the best all-time Rangers player for each position. 


The most voted player gets added to the lineup. 


Yesterday's winner: Goram


Day 2: Left-back.


Who is the best all-time Rangers Left-back?


[LCF - Day 10] - [RCF - Day 11]


[LW - Day 7] - [AM - Day 8] - [RW - Day 9]


[DM - Day 6]


[LB - Day 2] - [LCB - Day 3] - [RCB - Day 4] - [RB - Day 5]



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Your modern full backs a waste of space these days all he does is shadow his opponent scared to tackle totally useless just look at the two we have today pathetic creatures you want some at left back then I’m putting in .

Jock Tiger Shaw a proper defender .

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Stuart Munro is my personal favourite but remember both Numan and Robertson doing fine jobs during their time at the club so the latter is possibly the best choice.


I wasn't old enough to witness someone like Sandy Jardine playing there and can't be sure how often he (and/or someone like John Greig) played on the left side.

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This is easy. ERIC CALDOW.

Probably best right back too because he played there with the same distinction. I thought of keeping him for RB to let me pick Sammy Cox for LB but Cox was primarily left half and we should be choosing the best in every position and not shoe-horning in others no matter how good they were otherwise we could end up Greig, Greig and Greig ….

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Given @Rousseauseems to be counting mentions and not votes, I'll mention Barisic.


I've got no idea about Tiger Shaw or Caldow as they are before my time and vaguely remember Greig playing left back. I don't recall Jardine playing there. However i don't think these mentions should be included in the poll.


Numan and Robertson were probably the 2 best during my time of watching the Gers and I don't think we saw the best of Numan due to his injury so I'll go for Robertson.

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And as I said in the keeper thread:


Surely it should be based on people's votes rather than mentions. If everyone mentions Ally Maxwell as being crap then he could potentially win it, even if nobody feels that he was anywhere near the best keeper.


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