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Gersnet Rangers All-time XI | Day 2: Left-back

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1 hour ago, compo said:

Your modern full backs a waste of space these days all he does is shadow his opponent scared to tackle totally useless just look at the two we have today pathetic creatures you want some at left back then I’m putting in .

Jock Tiger Shaw a proper defender .

Was Shaw a Left-back? 

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18 minutes ago, Bluedell said:

And as I said in the keeper thread:


Surely it should be based on people's votes rather than mentions. If everyone mentions Ally Maxwell as being crap then he could potentially win it, even if nobody feels that he was anywhere near the best keeper.



2 minutes ago, Uilleam said:

I think , to be scrupulously fair, M. @Rousseauis trying to establish The General Will for each position. 

It will be votes going forward. 


The GK vote was 4 names - two with 1 vote each - so I thought I'd have some fun with the tally.


It took a lot longer than expected... :facepalm:

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Whilst I never saw him play, my Dad tells me Caldow was one of the best and I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting him as a YTS in a local builders yard where he would pop into now and again (he was a salesman for a supplier). 


I'd say Numan or Robertson were the best I've seen and as Frankie said, Stuart Munro deserves an honourable mention.


But purely due to my Dad's influence and Calbow taking time to talk to Mr about Rangers whenever he visited the yard, he gets my vote.  

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