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Gersnet Rangers All-time XI | Day 5: Defensive-midfield / Half-back

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As it's the international break, I thought we could partake in a little exercise doing the rounds on social media. 


Every day we'll pick the best all-time Rangers player for each position. 


The most voted player gets added to the lineup. 


Yesterday's winner: Jardine


Day 5: Defensive-midfield / Half-back.


Who is the best all-time Rangers Defensive-midfielder? 


[LCF - Day 9] - [RCF - Day 9]


[LW - Day 6] - [AM - Day 7] - [RW - Day 8]


[DM - Day 5]


Robertson - Butcher - Gough - Jardine



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Hard one as CammyF says but I’ve gone for a legend made his claim to the team on the Russia tour back when I had black hair big John could play at inside right,right half left or right back so he wouldn’t be out of place in this fancy Dan modern setup plus he would be carrying the ball forward yes it’s.

John Grieg .

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1 hour ago, CammyF said:

@Rousseau Your formation has thrown my choices and I now refuse to participate 😀


Will now need to have a think about this as I had my midfield 4 sorted but they were all offensive players 😀


I wanted to bring in different types of midfielders. 


I considered just having one striker and bringing in another central-midfielder (4-2-3-1), but I thought most would want the front two. 

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Long list of candidates for this position defending in front of a back four.


Ian McColl, maybe too right sided.

Sammy Cox, maybe too left sided.

Harry Davis, iron man with CH experience.

Dave Smith could do it. 
So could Ian Ferguson.

Hemdani might fit.


@compo is right, of course. It’s John Greig the play anywhere, everywhere man. I like a defensive midfielder who careers forward and bangs in the goals.

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8 minutes ago, Scott7 said:

Baxter couldn’t defend a bag of sweeties. He didn’t have to defend, fortunately.

It doesn't have to be a purely defensive choice, hence the half-back: I thought Davis should get a mention and he is a deep-lying playmaker. 

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Because its a defensive holding midfield Im leaning towards Stuart McCall. 


Tugay was immense but wasnt just a holding midfielder but I suppose could count in this position.  


This is tough but I'll stick with Stuart McCall. 

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