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Gersnet Rangers All-time XI | Day 6: Left-wing

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2 minutes ago, compo said:












All player in their proper positions in the proper way to line up 

Mon the Gers. :champs:

What's the formation? 3-2-5?


You've all got Baxter playing Left-wing, you numpties! I will die on this hill!



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1 hour ago, Bill said:

New Poll - should Rousseau be sacked?

The challenge is a most worthwhile exercise and it concentrates our minds during another international break.


The team structure is the problem ie any formation will create a problem for any demographic utilising the forum. Continually, I reference my memories of thoughts often expressed by Grandfather and old man. My paternal Grandfather was born in 1889 and regularly attended Ibrox from the age of eight years. He left a collection of Wee Blue Books. He insisted the best Ranger ever was Neilly Gibson, better than Baxter. He played in bars not studs, he played on tattie fields and, he played with a heavy rain sodden laced bladder. He was known as, 'the Pavlova in football boots'. I suspect even Compo and Scott7 did not witness Neilly play?


However all said and done, sometimes a firing squad must be assembled .............. 

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2 minutes ago, 26th of foot said:

I suspect even Compo and Scott7 did not witness Neilly play?

Speaking for myself, that’s right.

Old guys told me often that old guys told them Neilly Gibson and Jimmy Gordon of the Rangers were the greatest footballers unlikely to be equalled. They never said just “Jimmy Gordon”. It was always “Jimmy Gordon of the Rangers”. I wonder if that’s on his birth certificate.

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Every ten years that pass, another decade disappears from the first hand experience of Rangers fans. We're now losing the 1940's and soon the 50's and 60's will follow them into the shadows of heresay. Before you know it there will be none of us left who saw us win our only European trophy. All of which leaves you wondering how many great Rangers players and teams are now just unknown anecdotes from our long history, lost from time and memory. And the Baxters, Greigs, Laudrups, Coopers, etc will all follow them in due course and become just names on paper. 


So whatever names we put in this hypothetical team, we pick only from a very small sample and none of us have any idea how our choices stack up in the long pantheon of Rangers players. Most of our one-time players are utterly hidden from sight.


It's quite a thought.

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40 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

What's the formation? 3-2-5?

2-3-5 nominally but the CH drops back to make it 3-2-5. In compo’s team the playing formation was very flexible, 4-2-4 or 3-3-4 or even:

3 (Shearer, McKinnon, Caldow)

3 (Greig, McMillan, Baxter)

1 (Millar)

3 (Henderson, Brand, Wilson)


None of that prevented John Greig careering from box to box destroying the opposition in both.


Your coloured chart deserves close scrutiny. Observe the correct position of the Left Winger and compare it with your original diagram then look again at the coloured chart for the Left Half. 

Whae’s the numpty noo, eh? (See. I can speak like an Embra toff when I have to)

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6 minutes ago, Bill said:

Every ten years that pass, another decade disappears from the first hand experience of Rangers fans

I know what you mean but though I never saw Meiklejohn, Morton and McPhail somehow I feel I must have done. How’s that for delusion.

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