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Gersnet Rangers All-time XI | Day 6: Left-wing

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33 minutes ago, Scott7 said:

2-3-5 nominally but the CH drops back to make it 3-2-5. In compo’s team the playing formation was very flexible, 4-2-4 or 3-3-4 or even:

3 (Shearer, McKinnon, Caldow)

3 (Greig, McMillan, Baxter)

1 (Millar)

3 (Henderson, Brand, Wilson)


None of that prevented John Greig careering from box to box destroying the opposition in both.


Your coloured chart deserves close scrutiny. Observe the correct position of the Left Winger and compare it with your original diagram then look again at the coloured chart for the Left Half. 

Whae’s the numpty noo, eh? (See. I can speak like an Embra toff when I have to)

That's interesting, thanks.


I intentionally dropped the 'winger' back in my diagram to include a left-midfielder - to give a few more options in the vote - so it's technically in-between LM and LW. 


I'm still convinced a left-half-back is one line back (or deeper?), but I'll concede that this is not my specialty. 

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1 hour ago, Rousseau said:

What's the formation? 3-2-5?


You've all got Baxter playing Left-wing, you numpties! I will die on this hill!



Probably in the modern setup Baxter would be a left midfielder 

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8 hours ago, CammyF said:

Brian Laudrup for me all day long. However, Walters, McCann, Cooper (spoiler alert, hes my choice for right wing), Willie Johnston, Davie Wilson all spring to mind. Fare to say we've had a few. 


Can you class Baxter as a winger? 

He was a natural footballer; you can play a natural footballer anywhere.

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1 minute ago, alexscottislegend said:

I'm baffled; where is the centre half in that diagram? I would never have called Doug Baillie or Bill Paterson full backs.

From what @Scott7 explained, the central Full-back would be the Centre-half, because, in play, he has moved from the yellow line of half-backs. 


And I get lambasted for talking about situational back-threes which is exactly the same thing...



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28 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

And I get lambasted for talking about situational back-threes which is exactly the same thing.

Where an attack is developing towards the penalty area with the half-backs trying to stop it, the two full backs are nearer the goal line than the centre half is. He stands forward nearer the penalty spot than the goal line. Imagine a collapsing and expanding diamond.with the ‘keeper at the apex. 

Of course all that means nothing when Jimmy Johnstone goes jinking past three of them and John Greig has to come thundering back to separate him from the ball.

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