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Gersnet Rangers All-time XI | Day 7: Attacking-midfield

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As it's the international break, I thought we could partake in a little exercise doing the rounds on social media. 


Every day we'll pick the best all-time Rangers player for each position. 


The most voted player gets added to the lineup. 


Yesterday's winner: Baxter


Day 7: Attacking-midfield. 


Who is the best all-time Rangers Attacking-midfielder? 


[LCF - Day 9] - [RCF - Day 9]


Baxter - [AM - Day 7] - [RW - Day 8]




Robertson - Butcher - Gough - Jardine



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Ian McMillan was the master creator of attacks, none better but if I stick to the position description I have to look at a player who did the attacking himself. I was reckoning on Gascoigne but @JohnMc’s eloquence above has persuaded me to vote Durrant

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There can be only one.


One of England's most creative and technically gifted attacking midfielders; he could score and assist; he had a terrific pass and a powerful strike.


He had pace, physical strength, balance and excellent dribbling skills, which allowed him to protect the ball, beat opponents and ride challenges with ease.


Josh Windass. 

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Gascoigne was a let down for us on the bigger stage (perhaps due to the average players around him as much as anything else) but what a player he was.


Durrant another obvious contender and difficult to ignore given he often did do the business in European games despite that injury in 1988.  Because of that and his longevity in the squad, I'm opting for him over Gazza.

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