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Please delete if we have one I couldn’t see one. 

I read this morning on BBC sports app think it was 19 years ago now the  mess up with former Rangers player can you name him? To be denied a clear goal against Manchester United after Alex and Arsen called for Some type of VAR to be used prior to this game ? it made me wonder how many more Denials has there been running up to the decision to introduce Var and also the big blunders we have seen since its introduction to the game? Should we be blaming the goal that should of counted for VAR or Arsen and Alex for it  to be introduced as things weren’t going there way? , maybe all fans should boycott VAR and get it scrapped or seriously adjusted in what is what and not making rules up as they go like they have clearly been doing so not only against Rangers but throughout football teams where VAR is involved. Surely if the Fans walk away in decisions that are totally Wrong then the SPL FA FIFA etc need to act on it? Thoughts please 🤜🏼♥️🤍💙

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  • Rousseau changed the title to VAR technical screw ups
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16 minutes ago, Bluedell said:

VAR is, in general, a good thing. It doesn't pick up every error, as we saw on Saturday, but it does clarify a lot of issues.


There are issues with things like handballs, but the problem is with the rules of the game and not VAR itself.


Given Brendan Rodgers wants it scrapped, I'd have to conclude it's generally maded the game fairer.

As we all know VAR slows down things to make them 100 x worse yet the offside technology is accurate in that side of things yeah agree, Shouldn’t we allow for the Refs initial decisions on Penalties free kicks to be taken there and then rather than his initial decision to be made up for him on a screen that makes it slower and looks actually worse than it is? Sure it could be a 50/50 for either team but at least it’s one opinion and not 6-7 others doing it also. 

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The problem with VAR is some rules are subjective and we're still having the same arguments we were before it was introduced.  


It's good for off-sides and most penalty decisions but I'd still be up for scrapping it.


It's just another layer of officialdom.

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I think it needs to be simplified and have the 3 review rule like in tennis.


Forget about these offside by a fingernail things over examining every goal to see if someone farted during the build up.


Only review incidents after a manager or captain request - will reduce the amount of VAR stoppages.


The hand ball and offside rules need to be changed in general. Offside should go to daylight between attacker and defender before being offside and handball should be intentional only.


It wont be perfect and there will still be mistakes but it would hopefully be less.


Also its a bit stupid implementing VAR but not goal line decision technology.

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VAR is far more tolerable when you're watching football on television and even more so when you have no emotional attachment to either side playing. 


It's just another sign of everything being driven by viewing figures or the tail wagging the dog. 


It's fantastic fun for analysts, which is why Sky, TNT and Viaplay employ a commentator, two co-commentators and between two to five pundits to (completely over) analyse a bloody football match.  


One of a few reasons why I've been at less matches this season than any since we got back into the top flight.  

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3 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

Robert De Niro Comedy GIF by Lionsgate

After last weekend, I'm surprised I can type at all, never mind write a remotely coherent sentence.  


Four day hangovers are quite something.  ☹️

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