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Football News Roundup: Latest Updates on Teams, Players, and Ex-Players non Gers

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17 hours ago, Bill said:

This topic must be the very definition of an echo chamber 😆

Anyone Hello GIF by BiscuitFish

Haha your here bill that’s all that matters 🤣 one is better than none. 

I was starting to think of it as a bottomless pit anything goes in it and to start off the morning here is the latest gossip from the EPL. 




Burnley and Dundee partnership, I wondered why they were doing so well in the league they could move up to 6th with their 2 games in hand. 


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Philips to West Ham now here is a player we could of done with 





Man City signing for there future, while others like Phillips just get bought for whatever reasons,  why we aren’t getting these young ones on loan or tempting them with European football baffles me tbh especially from clubs who have the financial support to pursue these young ones. 



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On 10/01/2024 at 13:30, Fa1833 said:

Do you agree with this ? 

Former Premier League and Cameroon defender Sebastien Bassong tells BBC World Service his feelings on Andre Onana's decision to play a Manchester United match the day before Cameroon's first Afcon game: "It's out of order from both sides. It's disrespectful from Manchester United to request Onana to do such a thing and it's really low from Onana to even consider it.
"It sends such a bad message for not only Cameroon, but for the respect that people will have for Afcon and the way they should treat us. If we can't even respect ourselves, how can we expect other people to treat us any different? For me, Andre Onana is shooting us and himself in the foot.
"If I was in the squad I wouldn't be having any of that. You can't play a game the day before and think you can just fly out to the continent and play another game. Just the thought of it drives me crazy, I'm so disappointed.
"For me, you've got to teach him a lesson. I like Andre, I always have his back but when things like this happen, the pride of the country and the continent is way above an individual person. For me he should stsy home and get punished for that."

Somebody needs to tell old Sea Bass that volunteer work never trumps what pays the bills. MU pays the house note...not Cameroon. 


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Tottenham Beat Barcelona to hot prospect 


Old Jude Harassing Greenwood right or wrong?  Think he knows something we don’t?


old son isn’t going to be popular when he goes back and sees His dad Old Ange 🤣


Halland unhappy?


Xavi telling it like it is, clearly it’s the Chairman? 


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