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Transgender Athletes in sports

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4 hours ago, Bill said:

Since you instigated this topic, what are your views on the subject?

My views are simple, stick to your own Anatomy if somethings not there don’t add it or take it away, also  if you want to add it or take it away feel free each to ones one and all that, what I do say is don’t  come into a Male or female toilet and pretend you know what your doing when your Adam’s Apple is protruding from your neck and scaring my daughter or wife with your hairy voice or your aiming at the cubicle and peeing on my feet, I’ve got no objections to how anyone lives there life’s  but when someone is taking the piss and is having a clear advantage over someone else then that’s a different “ball” game especially for  females, I’ve yet to see a female do it in any sports . Has there been a female as a male in the sports ? Can’t believe there has been. 

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Just now, compo said:

Degenerate freaks that's all they are.

Makes females feel like whats the point! Especially when you get Adam sorry Amanda coming in and re-writing the history books at a sport it/tit should never be competing in. 

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"Transgender golfer Hailey Davidson faces testosterone tests after US win"


It's only the gowf, I know, but let's be honest: it's only a man who can reasonably claim to be a transexual/transgender woman. 

Davidson has had the hormones and the surgery, but....really?


I suppose the upside is that this guy won't be washing his balls in the locker room sink. 


Transgender golfer Hailey Davidson faces testosterone tests after US win

Controversial triumph at Florida event prompts NXXT Women’s Pro Tour to survey other players about its gender policy

Martyn Ziegler, Chief Sports Reporter

Wednesday January 24 2024, 12.01am, The Time




A women’s tour has asked a transgender golfer to undergo extra testosterone tests after she won an event in the United States — and will survey other players about its policy.

Scotland-born Hailey Davidson, 30, who now lives in the US, became the first transgender golfer to win a professional tournament when she triumphed in the NXXT Women’s Classic Pro Tour event in Orlando, Florida.

Davidson’s win has focused attention on golf’s policy that allows transgender players to take part in women’s events if they have had hormone treatment to reduce testosterone. The LPGA removed its “female at birth” condition for competitions in 2010, but has required reduced testosterone for a year and gender reassignment surgery.


There has been criticism of the policy, including from Judy Murray, the mother of the tennis star Andy Murray, who tweeted in 2022 that it was “not fair at all” that Davidson could compete and potentially qualify for the LPGA Tour, before adding: “Protect women’s sport.”


Stuart McKinnon, the chief executive of NXXT Golf, said it would seek the opinion of the circuit’s players and request that Davidson undergoes further testing.

“Part of our commitment is ensuring an environment that is inclusive and safe for all members,” he said. “In light of recent events, we have initiated a poll among our tour players to gather their opinions on our gender policy. We believe it is vital to consider the perspectives of those directly affected by these policies.

“Furthermore, in maintaining the integrity of our standards, we have requested Hailey Davidson to undergo additional testosterone testing to ensure compliance with the appropriate guidelines.”

Davidson believes being born male no longer gives her any physiological advantages, and has said that she received death threats on social media after her victory.

She said that she did not object to the survey, telling Golfweek: “At this point, we’re trying anything to see if we can cool the fire down a little.”

Regarding the threats, she added: “It comes with the territory, I suppose. Someone who is at home really frustrated with themselves trying to take it out on me. If I don’t laugh, I’m going to be miserable.”

Davidson began hormone treatments on September 24, 2015 — a date she has tattooed on her arm — and underwent gender reassignment surgery in January 2021.


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Me thinks if these wierdos want to compete in sport they should compete against each other, a bit like the Invictus games.

Form there own blow football league.


Sorry not meaning to compare the validity and much loved Invictus athletes to these freaks of nature.


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