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Anyone watching?


Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana needimg miracles.


Cameroon, Algeria and Tunisia out of the automatic qualifying spots currently.


The top two teams from each of the six groups will reach the last 16 as well as the four best third-placed teams, so there is a real chance that some massive names are going to be missing the knockout round.


Egypt scrape through by the skin of their teeth. 


Champions Senegal look the strongest.

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I've been watching bits here and there.  Some of the commentary is tremendous - "South Africa have carried out their footballing masterclass with ruthless efficiency!".  


Some shock results too.  

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  • Rousseau changed the title to AFCON '24
1 minute ago, ian1964 said:

Watching South Africa v Tunisia, no white players in SA team!

White South Africans don't really pay any attention to football.  It's all rugby and cricket for them.  

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19 hours ago, ian1964 said:

Watching South Africa v Tunisia, no white players in SA team! mind you they have been busy slaughtering whites in SA! genocide!.

Did Humza useless pick the team!

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Cote d'Ivoire get out of their group by a baw hair, sack their coach, and then put out the reigning champions Senegal on penalties to qualify for the QF. 


Egypt are finally out. They've been lucky to get this far, IMO.

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Watched the first couple of rounds in the group stages but haven't watched since until the shoot out last night.


I've always thought an African nation has the potential to win a WC with the amount of talent that comes out of the continent and plays in the top leagues, Mourinho says the same and he pretty much solely plays with African strikers or strikers of African descent.


Even recently you could've had players like Kante, Pogba and Benzema playing for African nations, never mind older generations like Vieira and Zidane.


Alas, the corruption is rife and the money isn't getting funnelled down to grassroots level.


Shame really.



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