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21 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

You must be getting on a bit, asil. 😀

ASIL took part in the siege of Madrid, where those pesky Nationalists wouldn't let the Republican's keep the City.  

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4 hours ago, alexscottislegend said:

While we are all fretting about who we are going to sign before the window closes, Britain's military top brass are already preparing for WW3. Sir Patrick Sanders wants to increase regular army numbers within 3 years to 120,000 and create a 'citizen army' of up to 500,000. Grant Shapps wants military spending to increase to 3% of GDP. So stand by for conscription - Generation X have not shown enough inclination to join the forces, preferring instead to play Call of Duty on their X-boxes.


I wait for a new Kitchener to tell us that our country needs us. 

My sister talked about conscription for her son. I told her like this.

These are the same people who have classified flag waving as radical and far right. Now they expect you to defend it. The same people who have opened the borders up to endless waves of third world, unvetted migrants and mountains of drugs. The same people who have waged endless wars for the past 20 years. The same people who have destroyed the currency and economy. The same people who locked you down, muzzled you and injected you with experimental shit.

I served 25 years but I wouldn't serve 20 minutes for these snakes today. 
These are not leaders they are corporate globalist usurpers. They are traitors and we all know what traitors receive in time of war. 
It is time when it is far more honorable to fight government than defend it.


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