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[FT] Rangers 2 - 1 Aberdeen (Matondo 7'; Cantwell 72')

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  • Frankie changed the title to Rangers v Aberdeen (Clement also named Manager of the Month)

This match will tell us a lot about our team and the character and desire in it. As everyone now knows a 3-0 win puts us top of the league, with the same games played. If our players can overcome an Aberdeen side who always lift themselves for us, who have a new manager to impress, one that isn't inept for a change, and deliver the victory required, that might be indicative of what's going on behind the scenes. It also puts pressure on the side from across the city, and for a long time many of us have suspected they won't react well to pressure. 


I didn't expect to be in this position so soon into Clement's reign. If we stumble tomorrow that will tell us something about the players we currently have, if we don't that might suggest something else. Looking forward to finding out which it is. 



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Manager confirms that Ryan Jack is being rotated out for tomorrow's game but that likes of Davies and Roofe are closer to returns.


Will be interesting to see how we line up v Aberdeen. Not sure if Sterling is available or if Cortes might be considered in one of the wider roles? Good to have options and various players doing quite well lately.



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Aberdeen will be cockahoop after Saturday and will fancy their chances it’s going to be a bruising ninety minutes I suspect the referee might have to sharpen his pencil at half time.

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I'm hoping Aberdeen will be more progressive than visiting teams usually are. We can still be a bit vulnerable to low block and long ball counter attacks and Miovsky is a potent threat in that respect. The more their midfield can be drawn forward the more I'd fancy us to cut them open.

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1 hour ago, compo said:

Aberdeen will be cockahoop after Saturday

Did you not mean “Aberdeen will be wanting to make amends after Saturday”?

Actually, iI thought they were lucky against poor opposition. Showed little in the way of energy or desire.

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