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13 hours ago, compo said:

A couple of Jocks Wallace and Tiger Shaw and a good blinking defender he was 


If ever there was a confluence of Rangers greatness, it was Jock Wallace in the dugout and John Greig on the park. Frankly, I adored them and in their pomp they pretty much were Rangers.

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John Rutherford. This Rangers supporting stand off half would have been a brilliant footballer. Could sidestep like Ian McMillan.



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On 29/02/2024 at 11:50, Scott7 said:

A capital winger, Gordon Smith of the Hibs. If my old mother (rabid hibbee) had been looking for a toyboy it would have been Gordon Smith.




I have a good mate who is a diehard Hibbee and when we meet and the topic of football inevitably crops up, he waxes lyrically about Smith (and rightly so). Mates sadly departed Dad would sit for hours telling him about Smith and the great Hibs (and others) teams of the past. Stories handed down from generation to generation, it's part of what makes football so special, no matter what team you support. Also helps you appreciate players from other eras / teams. 

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Self-indulgent as Sammy ran a pub in Bo'ness for years and when I first started going to football our mini-bus left from his pub. Spent many an hour listening to Sammy regale tales of his time at Rangers. 


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Another self indulgent post - two of my Dad's favourite Rangers players. Davie Wilson & Eric Caldow. 


Was lucky enough to meet Eric Caldow when I was a young YTS at local builders yard and he'd pop in as he was a salesman for one of their suppliers. 


He spent time talking to me and urged me to keep the faith (this was 1984) with Rangers. Proudest moment was walking past Main Stand one match day arohnd 1984 with my mates and Mr Caldow came past, recognised me and stopped and spoke with me / us. Brilliant player, great Ranger and a gentleman.




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1 hour ago, CammyF said:


Nothing self indulgent about your posts.

Sammy Baird had his doubters when he arrived from Preston North End but he scored a lot of important Inside forward goals and never lacked effort. Played left half for the Hibs when his time at Ibrox was over.


Caldow and Wilson - what can you say? Caldow a world class player and Wilson my favourite Rangers winger (my username notwithstanding) There’s some field of runners for favourite winger title. Waddell, Scott, Henderson, Hubbard, Wilson, Cooper and Johnston and I’m still raging they let Eddie Rutherford go to Hearts.

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