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Beale surprised to get Rangers job

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38 minutes ago, Tannochsidebear said:

Any chance you can just summarise what he said? Where do you find the time to listen to all this stuff? I hardly have enough time to catch up on Gersnet never mind podcasts from randoms!!

The section on Beale goes from 1:03 to about 1:08.


It starts as soon as you press play. 


I don't think a summary will do it justice, but:


  • Ferdinand would still recommend him, even after a couple of dodgy spells with us and Sunderland, as he feels he will be a top manager somewhere. 
  • He jumped too early.
  • He turned down Wolves because of the personal connection with Ferdinand. (Beale knew that Wolves would be coming in for him, so there must've been a chat.)
  • No one took a chance on Beale because he hadn't been a number 1.
  • He was doing what they wanted, in terms of player development, etc.
  • He always knew that if he was going to move it would be to us, because Beale always spoke highly of his time with us; unfortunately for them -  and us :D - we came in earlier than he expected.
  • Beale is a confident person, and the young lads at QPR bought into it; his first gig and he was really well-prepared; he had the players eating out of the palm of his hands, then they collapsed when he left.


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27 minutes ago, JohnMc said:

That's interesting, thanks for sharing. I mean Ferdinand is unlikely to say appointing Beale was a mistake as that would reflect badly on him. But it does make you wonder if he started to believe his own hype and simply lost his way. We forget that when he first joined us we did well, he lifted the place, had us playing decent football and had a good January window. In the end he had to go, it wasn't working and I've no regrets over that. 

He wasn't really a mistake for them: he was doing what they asked (which was touched upon in the earlier discussion on his role as DoF).


I suspect you are correct. 


He is a 'confident person'; perhaps too confident.


I didn't want him in the first place, and I did want him gone earlier than he did. 


Maybe he'll do better with a younger team?

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