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[FT] Ross County 3 - 2 Rangers (Baldwin o.g. 15; Tavernier 89pen)

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-I enjoyed that half. Ross County are trying to play and we are up because, like us, they cannot finish. 

-Ref did a good job...yeap i said it. That guy is doing a good job. 

-I cannot stand Dessers. 

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Bit of a strange game. We've been so poor on and off the ball at times but could easily have had 3 or 4 more goals. Big worry is, County could easily have had a couple of their own. Pitch is sticky and bobbly so we really need to look after the ball a lot better. All to play for!


Because Lundstram is sitting on his own, we're too open on the transition despite Cantwell in particular doing some solid defensive work. Dowell easy on the eye at times but both him and Sima unsurprisingly look well short of sharpness. Don't think I'd mind Sterling on to give us more of a foundation.

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1.51 xG that half which is decent for us outwith an awarded penalty.


1.01 for County though....


We do seem to play these away games when the teams are on an unbeaten run.


Clean sheet please lads!

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One more game where we managed to adapt to the playing style of the opposition better than playing what we are capable of. As soon as Goldson and Souttar are start "running" the game, you know something is wrong.  I would expect Lundstram and Dowell are there for the creativity from the deep areas, but all they do is giving the ball back to the CHs. Borna is anonymous, as is Tav. Silva has hardly seen the ball, Sima, Cantwell and Dessers trying.


Clement needs to kick some butts, this drop in performance levels simply can't happen time and again. 

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27 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

Rest as in the remainder: the defensive structure when we have the ball. 

Judging by observations on the run of play so far, I think the first impression of “rest” was the right one.

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31 minutes ago, Uilleam said:

You mean the defence rests.

(P Mason of California refers)

Aye but Mason only rested after he’d kicked the blazes out of the opposition.

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