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Gersnet EURO 2024 Prediction League - Matchday 2

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Yorkie gets his first correct score of the tournament. 


Decent points gained from the POL-AUS game: Yorkie and Rousseau got the Correct Scores, with 5 others getting the Correct Result. 


NED-FRA was low scring: only compo, Ted, Yorkie and WB91 gained points for the Correct Result. 

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Virtually everyone gained points in yesterday's two later games. 


compo, ted and Yorkie gained Correct Scores in the BEL-ROM game. 


That wraps the 2nd round of matches. Compo leads after a stunning 4 Correct Scores in the round. 



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compo was in a league of his own this round.


Onevision made good progress. 


Most of us picked up fewer points.


Player MD1 MD2 diff
compo 9 17 +8
Onevision 8 13 +5
Yorkie Bear 9 11 +2
Ted McMinnime 11 12 +1
BEARGER 10 9 -1
Whosthedado 9 8 -1
ChelseaBoy 11 8 -3
TB 10 7 -3
Gonzo79 9 6 -3
Rousseau 14 10 -4
Franc Ergs 11 7 -4
lenny3k 11 7 -4
WorthingBear91 11 7 -4
weebluedevil 10 5 -5
buster. 12 5 -7
CammyF 11 3 -8
der Berliner 15 6 -9
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