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Gersnet EURO 2024 Prediction League - Round of 16

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Switzerland 1-2 Italy

Germany 3-0 Denmark - Joker


England 2-1 Slovakia

Spain 3-0 Georgia


France 1-0 Belgium

Portugal 2-0 Slovenia


Romania 1-2 Netherlands 

Austria 2-1 Turkey

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Switzerland 1 - 1 Italy

Germany 2 - 0 Denmark Joker


England 2 - 1 Slovakia

Spain 2 - 0 Georgia


France 2 - 2 Belgium

Portugal 2 - 0 Slovenia


Romania 1 - 0 Netherlands 

Austria 2 - 1 Turkey

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On 27/06/2024 at 08:01, Rousseau said:

Round of 16 as follows:


Switzerland 1-1 Italy

Germany 2-1 Denmark 


England 3-0 Slovakia JOKER

Spain 2-1 Georgia 


France 1-2 Belgium

Portugal 1-0 Slovenia


Romania 2 -1 Netherlands 

Austria 3 -2 Turkey



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15 hours ago, der Berliner said:

May I advise my respected, not-so-eagle-eyed fellow boarder, to check the reply four posts above his reminder ...

May I thank my esteemed colleague and apologise for a most egregious oversight. 

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4 minutes ago, Franc Ergs said:

No-one score any points for the Italy Switzerland game then ?



You - and ChelseaBoy - got your point for that game.


It just wasn't as noteworthy as a Joker-applied Correct Score.

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