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Murray's Ibrox facelift must mirror the ambitions and hopes of Rangers fans

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To be fair Re Murray Park Wija.... that wasn't Murray's decision to name it - IIRC Advocaat requested the board name it Murray Park so I think that Murray Park was planned prior to anyone knowing it would be called Murray Park.

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Unless you have different knowledge to the rest of the world and media or that the media are continuously lying, it is common knowledge that there is a credit crunch. Maybe you don't watch the news much or are one of these people who believe we are being lied to all the time.


Your company may not have a problem but to generally apply that to the rest of the UK is akin to a slim American discrediting the fact that the US is one of the most obese countries in the world purely because they themselves are not fat.


Maybe I'm naive for believing all the news programs on telly, internet and newspapers about the Credit Crunch - or maybe you need to start catching up on the news because from where I'm sitting, you sound incredibly uninformed.


So let's get this straight and in a nutshell. As far as I'm aware from various, generally creditable news services, it is currently a lot harder for people to borrow money for mortgages, and not only that with products having higher interest rates, and a gloomy financial climate less people are motivated to buy a new house.


This means that building companies have dramatically reduced the amount of house building they are doing due to the difficulty of finding buyers. Not only that, they are mothballing projects that have already started and well underway.


Now if you think this is untrue, then please enlighten us with your version of the "truth" and explain why the media are lying to us...


Now it doesn't take a leap of logic to realise that these companies will as a result be facing cash-flow and income problems as well as reduced profits and will be looking for alternative projects with guaranteed payments.


As far as I know Murray's companies are well involved in building and therefore he may decide to enhance Ibrox in some way to stimulate cash income for his companies while becoming more popular with Rangers fans and more impressive to the public in general.


Perhaps (and I don't know one way or the other), like your company, Rangers, with the backing of MIM will have little trouble raising capital from the banks compared with your average new home buyer, which could lead to the project going ahead.


Now with regard to the return in investment, I put it to you that this is EXACTLY what the feasibility studies are about. They will be about the complexities and possibilities of what can be done, how much each scenario will cost and what the the length of time as well as the likelyhood that the investment will be returned, and then of course the annual increased income from the stadium.


That is why the cost of a 70,000 stadium must be balanced with how often the seats will be filled. It may be more cost effective to have a 60000 stadium that is 95% full most of the time.


I do not see how this needs a transfer of ownership in the slightest as the scenarios will be unaffected except for the ability of the owners to raise finance - something that I doubt will be difficult for SDM unless there is some information that I'm not privy to. The only other way ownership affects things is the motivation of the owner to go ahead with the project.


With the situation I have described and by the fact the feasibility study is in progress, I think it's fair to say that Murray's motivation cannot be completely ruled out.


As to bringing the club to the brink of failure, that is a mistruth. At no time was Rangers in any danger of going into receivership. The debt was very high but and although it was close to the maximum of what the club could support, it was within those limits. Leeds went over the edge yet the club is still in business.


Murray always knew he could pay of some of the debt with the money he's made from Rangers and eventually did so - probably due to his own culpability and with his plaything unable to function so well it wasn't so enjoyable. He also had not raised cash previously from a share issue like Celtic have twice, but when he did so he must have been very disappointed by the fans investment even taking the mitigating circumstances into account.


Murray does have a habit of selling dreams but as we are so used to it now, not many fall for them, including me. However, there are times when he delivers to a certain extent and even at the end of the season we were two games away from basking in his "moonbeams".


I've been one of Murray's biggest critics during our darkest time but I think it is time to stop demonising him for past mistakes and judge him on his current form as well as not negatively spinning everything he has done like some propaganda agent.


At the moment, the only thing I can see for which to criticise him for is that he is late with his announcement for the revamp of Ibrox and has not informed us why. Fair enough have a go about that, but don't try additionally to malign him with mistruths about the past.


And to try and boost your argument by inferring that the media are know nothing about the current financial climate is totally baffling and reduces your credibility. "What Credit Crunch?", indeed...

Are you working on the basis that the truth will realised by sheer volume of words?;)

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