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Any other Rangers' supporters out there that took a perverse pleasure in the Liverpool result?


There can be no excuses. Rangers were outplayed by a squad that has something in abundance that we have in the rarest of flashes: skill.


How hard should it be to expect a professional footballer to pass a ball to a colleague? It's like expecting a doctor to be able to give an injection or diagnose death. You don't mind so much if a committed defender intercepts a pass, but when it simply goes astray you have to wonder why these guys earn more in a fortnight than many do in a year.


Charlie Adam is a fine example. He gestures like John McCrirrick on race days, then his corners either fail to clear the first defender or clear everybody. Why is he paid at all?


Weight of pass is another issue in quality teams. They generally get it right. Rangers don't, unless it's wee triangles in insignificant areas of the park where no pressure is applied. Instead, we use the "hump it forward and chase" technique, a strategy fatally flawed when there's only one target and five defenders.


We managed to take a corner on Saturday and within about five seconds we'd contrived, unassisted by Liverpool, to have McGregor in possession!


So what positives might we take from the game?


#1. Brahim Hemdani was the only player that appeared composed during the humiliation.

#2. Kyle Lafferty looks a big, strong character with some ability. Why is he playing on the left wing though? His success has been as a striker with Northern Ireland so playing him out of position seems foolish.

#3. Kirk Broadfoot, given a chance, will become a very decent centre-back for Rangers. Sure he made a stray pass that had unfortunate consequences but there were very many stray passes from Rangers' players. He was a poor but committed right back. In his correct position, he can become an asset if the boo-boys let him.

#4. Kris Boyd was like an armless man at a banquet. It wasn't that he couldn't eat or that he lacked appetite; nobody fed him.

#5. An opportunity has been presented to Smith and McCoist that spells out a simple fact: if you do not pose an attacking threat against a quality team, you'll get humped. Starting with Miller and Novo... not really my idea of a serious attacking threat.

#6. Whittaker... a decent performance. He has potential if he's played in the correct position.


The negatives...


#1. Miller... apart from one decent pass, he did nothing, but did it with enthusiasm. A mistake bringing him back, and that judgement is not Celtic-influenced.

#2. McCulloch... Words fail me. I do not understand why the man is at Ibrox. I wouldn't let him bang the drum in the band.

#3. Darcheville... Like wringing out a dry cloth.

#4... No, that'll do. Kicking a dead horse isn't cruel, but it is pointless.


I fear that unless Smith adopts a positive team formation against Kaunas, we will struggle to get through. If he fails, his days are numbered and he will have no one to blame but himself.




The above was copied from BBC forum and I think it is an excellent read.

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The above was copied from BBC forum and I think it is an excellent read.


That makes a change :P


A couple of points:


#1 Charlie Adam gets far too much stick. For a player his age he's done more than most youngsters, when given a chance.


#2 Broadfoot doesn't get enough stick. I'm sure he could turn out to be a decent CB, but if he's given enough game time he'll cost us the league.


I Agree about McCulloch though. I'd obviously like to see him doing well, but he's just not good enough. We were robbed.

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The comments about McCulloch and Darcheville were actually quite amuzing.


I agree with him on Hemdani, he is always assured on the ball and should be a starter IMO.


Agreed on Adam 100%, he is attrotious (sp).


Disagree on Broadfoot, he should be a back up defender.


And disagree on Boyd. I cringed near the end of the game when Boyd had a half chance in the box, his turn was embarrassingly slow and his arms were flapping. He is about a mobile as a hippo.

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