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The regulars will know that Gersnet is very relaxed in what can be posted on the forums. However, for all the new members we've had of late, let me make the few rules we do have clear:


For the most part anything goes but we do ask everyone to refrain from the following:


1. Abuse/Insults: I will not stand for any Gersnet member being abused or insulted.

2. Unsubstantiated allegations about any subject: all subjects can be debated but unless you have proof, let's keep everything on the level.

3. Respect: The best thing about about this forum is that all opinions are found in all forums which creates interesting discussions on a wide variety of topics. That means you will disagree with others on a daily basis. Please accept opposing opinions will exist so take them in the good faith they are offered.


Any problems whatsoever with the above, pm myself, blueflag or one of the moderators.


Thanks to everyone for making Gersnet a great wee place to chew the fat.



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In addition to above rules, after some deliberation with Frankie I would like to add the following caveats on new registrations on our forum;


You must use a genuine IP address to register a new account with us.


You must use an email address that is not created with the sole purpose of signing up for our forum.


I will be implementing this as of today, and accounts will be banned/prunned as soon as I notice any breaches of above for either sign up rule.


I am looking into an upgrade soon of the forum software and will make this a mandatory part of sign up once it goes live. In the meantime I will be manually reviewing every new account and working my way through all current accounts.


I have no issues with people using a VPN for whatever reason but for initial sign-up I expect people to use a genuine IP address.

(It's easy to tell by the way!)


If we block your account and you feel this had been a mistake please use the contact us form and tell us more detail and it will be reviewed in due course. Both this message and the form is available to non-registered members.


This will help us maintain the forum intergruity and security.


Any current members has any issues or questions please contact one of the admin team by private message with your concerns.


Many thanks









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