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Nearly 50 years of the trophy room....

Guest enigmablue

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Guest enigmablue

What would you like to see the club do to commemorate this anniversary?


In 2009 the trophy room will have been opened for 50 years. Now lets try and keep on message here...No SDM plans to close it gags...or rants about a museum (even though we should have one).


Having visited it on my last trip home its does have a special feeling as you walk in. Maybe its the anticipation as you walk up the marble staircase past the bust of Mr Struth, the Hall of Fame and that massive portrait of the Wee Blue Devil or just that you can feel the greatness and warmth our club has generated on its many travels at home and abroad.


However, its treasure trove of goodies seems too good to waste in one room. I'd like to see the club 'bring it to life'. How about we start to bring selected items out and place them on display in the concourses around the stadium? We could use multimedia displays or even better actual former players or genuine long standing supporters who could do guest stints telling their stories about the particular piece of memorabilia/event at set times prior to the games.


The stands open up in plenty of time before the game so perhaps if the guest speakers talk for around 15 minutes and starts at least an hour before KO it could be a way to attract people to attend earlier, inter-generational benefits and more importantly, SDM might sell a few more pie & bovrils. Each stand rotates its memorabilia and guest speakers after each month or perhaps a timeline is done over the season through different era's.


Anyway i'm off to bed now :sleep:....Discuss.

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A fine idea mate...


Obviously there have been discussions with the club previously regarding a museum but Bain (at least) feels the stadium itself is one so a stand-alone venue isn't required.


I disagree with that view but if he feels that strongly about it, then it is time they did more to publicise our history than a wee tour (even if most people talk warmly of it).


Your idea of having the odd match-day lecture is a sound one and there is certainly space in the concourses to accommodate it.


Good to read a constructive thread... :thup:

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Guest enigmablue
A novel idea mate. Certainly not one i've heard before. Would be interesting to hear the club's response to such a proposal.


"Initiative...sorry not allowed...nothing to see here at Ibrox...look that may involve some promotional work and someone actually having to coordinate a program of events...and speak to the supporters"


Or something along those lines. Sad but probably true. I will never the less send off my proposal to the usual suspects and await a response.


Just like my previous proposal to the club to bring the Gers to oz (which i got interest in fudning from Qld State Govt to look at for it's 150th Birthday celebration in 2009 - AU$600K) but which Rangers were 'lukewarm' on e.g. See Bain's recent comments on the AGM about US trips never mind coming here. Servicing the Worldwide fan base...don't make me laugh...25 years since Big Jock Wallace brought out super coop, coisty etc to these shores. At this rate the supporters who remember that event will either be dead or senile!

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