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Wheeling And Dealing

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By Lindsay Herron


FOOTBALL nowadays is dominated by agents and advisors as players and even managers make sure they get the best contracts and commercial deals.


Some players have a complete entourage looking after them - but it was not always like this, even as recently as Rangers' trophy-laden 9 in a row era.


Indeed, the greatest goal-scorer in the club's history, Ally McCoist, had no representation when he was smashing all of the Ibrox scoring records.


Gazza and Ally were the goal heroes in 1986So when it came to contract renewal time McCoist was on his own and left to negotiate with David Murray.


The assistant manager has revealed that these talks were always memorable.


He said: "He used to love these contract negotiations with me because he used to play keepy-up with me, that's the bottom line!


"I never had an agent in my life and I used to go in and conduct my own negotiations with him.


"He always used to tell the story that he had three envelopes - one that he wanted to give me, one that he would give me and one that I was never going to give me.


"So I was always getting envelope 1 or 2 - I was never getting the third one!"Ally McCoist salutes Kris Boyd's strike


Ten of McCoist's playing years were during the Murray era and, of course, he has been back at the club as assistant boss since January 2007 and he is in no doubt about the impact he has made.


McCoist said: "The chairman has had a phenomenal impact on this football club. He was a terrific chairman to play under and he has been a terrific chairman to be assistant manager under.


"He comes in with his opinions, which are valued, and he always gives you his opinions, don't worry about that, on footballing matters and business matters.


"However, the thing that is most appreciated is that he genuinely lets Walter get on with it.


"He gives him a free hand to do the job and that is so important."


McCoist is also in no doubt that the construction of the Rangers Training Centre at Auchenhowie on the outskirts of Glasgow has been one of the greatest things that Murray has done.


He added: "The impact he has made overall has been wonderful. You just have to look at Murray Park - what a legacy that is. It is a tremendous training ground.


Sir David Murray"I have been fortunate enough to have been all over Europe looking at training facilities and what we have at Murray Park is comparable to anything in world football - it's fantastic.


"He has now been here 20 years. He has had his ups and downs like everyone else but over the piece he has been hugely successful.


"If and when he does leave he will leave a great legacy.


"He has said that if there are people out there interested in buying the club then his door is always open.


"I think he will have a heavy heart when he walks away from Ibrox because Rangers has been so much of his life for the past 20 years."

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