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Business As Usual


The Rangers v Aberdeen game at the weekend was business as usual on so many levels. Rangers continued their dominance against The Sheep at Ibrox, now over 17 years since Dolly has won at Ibrox, the Red Scum yet again were allowed to sing their vile and repugnant songs with impunity and the officials continued their corrupt like refusal to enforce the laws of the game.


Firstly, we�ll address the Rangers performance for the weekend. Whilst the 2-0 win was convincing and welcome, the performance, especially the first 45 minutes was shocking. We were devoid of ideas and looked very sluggish. In saying that, Ferguson was unlucky with a header from distance, Boyd had a couple of opportunities and it was refreshing given Aberdeen�s record at Ibrox, witnessing the officials turning a blind eye to handballs in the Aberdeen penalty area (more of this later). We did improve in the 2nd half and once we got the opening goal, we appeared to settle and apart from Mendes clearing from his own goal-line we were relatively untroubled. Boyd�s well taken 2nd goal killed the game off as a contest and we eventually ran out easy winners.


Once again we left a Rangers game discussing the officials refusal to enforce the laws of the game and all the major decisions going against Rangers. Firstly, anyone who watched the Celtc game in the early kick-off would have witnessed Borac�s assault that (unsurprisingly) lead to a yellow card. Only a Celtc player would have escaped a red card for this offence, and yet again, more evidence that the officials in this country are bordering on the corrupt. Then we role up to Ibrox to witness more baffling decisions where we should have had 2 penalties (at least) and Diamond was allowed to elbow Lafferty with no action taken. It can�t be coincidence that the only people inside Ibrox on Saturday that didn�t see all three offences were the officials? Surely they can�t be that ineffectual that all three of them missed all three controversial incidents? Are they really ineffectual or are they corrupt? This serious question has to be addressed as at the moment, the evidence points to them being something other than ineffectual.



Aberdeen Ultras and Irony


Off the pitch, Kenny McCaskill was present to witness the vile and repugnant chants emanating from the visiting fans but he appeared to be nonplussed and in no mood to take any action against these fans. It appears that the authorities are only interested in what WE sing ââ?¬â?? all other fans are free to sing what they want.


A quick question that I�d like to ask the Aberdeen Ultras (and general fans) is what their adopted hero Che Guevara would have to say regarding there disgusting chants mocking the dead (Ibrox Disaster song), the socially unfortunate and poverty stricken (In Your Glasgow Slums), the disabled (their new David Murray song and booing of the disabled Olympians)?


Personally, I think the great Socialist thinker Che Guevara would be spinning in his grave and would cringe in the fact that these reptiles were celebrating others misfortunes in his name.


FCUK You Celtc You�ll Never Win Away


I canââ?¬â?¢t be the only Rangers fans who thinks that the above chant will be redundant after tonightââ?¬â?¢s Champions League games. Celtc travel to Aalborg knowing that a defeat will see them eliminated from Europe completely and need a victory to ensure that their European participation isnââ?¬â?¢t ended before the final group game. We all know that they have one of the, if not the worst away record in the CL, but tonight offers them their best chance of gaining 3 away points. Itââ?¬â?¢s heartening to read that our unbiased media have put this awful away record down to nothing more than a ââ?¬Ë?jinxââ?¬â?¢. Funny that, I thought it was all down to terrible performances, terrible team and tactic selections etc.


Hopefully their ââ?¬Ë?jinxââ?¬â?¢ will strike again tonight, but as I said above, I believe that they will have too much for the Danes. In saying that, at least they canââ?¬â?¢t count on the assistance of the officials to get them out of sticky situations.



Cammy F

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I remember two hand balls from the game on Saturday...


One was on the Aberdeen left-hand side when a cross was put in and it struck the defender's hand. Clear penalty as the fella's hand was raised in the air.


The Considine one wasn't a pen IMO. Just like Barry Ferguson in the CIS Semi last season, ball played man and there was no intent.


Never seen the elbow but suffice to say the officials were very poor again. Diamond gets away with murder and the Aberdeen fans disgust any decent person while making a mockery of the Unacceptable Conduct 'rules'.


PS: I think Celtic are a certainty to win tonight. :(

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Agree with everything Cammy and liked your wee paragrpah on the thoughts of Che Guevara regarding the sheep songs if he was alive today.


I do have to disagree with you re Celtics away record in the CL. They've travelled to places before expecting or should I say thinking that there was a possibility of winning the 3 points. However, I reckon that's when they play piss poor. Copenhagen a couple of seasons ago rings a bell. They went their thinking they had a decent chance of claiming all 3 points and come FT they had been stuffed 3-0 by a team supposedly weaker than the mighty Glasgow Celtic.


These are the away games I like watching them play. Their fans go their thinking they have a good chance of winning but in the end they get a shoeing. Tonights game is no different, it'll lull them into a false sense of security. Let's hope so anyway!

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cammy you're right about everything but che guevara. he wasn't a nice guy contrary to popular mythology. kind of like celtic supporters.


Yeah, I know he wasn't a 'good guy' - but the arguement remains that why fly the flag of a 'social activist / warrior' and celebrate others misfortune - irony at its best :)


Cammy F

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Zander Diamond's elbow was about 5 yards from the near-side linesman - the ball was still in the vicinity of him and Lafferty and it was OBVIOUS that he swung an arm. The linesman was a coward, simple.


One of the penalty incidents was a penalty - the other one (Considine's) wasn't IMO - he tried to clear and the ball bounced up onto his arm so there was no intent (it was a shocking attempt at a clearance though.....).


There was one other less important decision I recall too - Lafferty was pressuring their left full-back and the full back clearly played a back pass to Langfield and the ref waved play on.


I know this has been debated on here before and how we shouldn't need "assistance" from the officials to win games - but when you look at the points that Celtic have gained from such dodgy officiating it makes it all the clearer just how difficult the task is of Rangers winning the league this year.


I am not one for paranoia but the number of decisions going their way really does have you thinking there is something far more sinister than just piss-poor officiating !


I don't think that Celtic are assured of a win tonight either. It is a difficult decision for them - if they lose they are out, win and they are through and draw and it goes to the last game (where they would expect Aalborg to get beat by Man U whilst they would expect to get at least a draw at home to Villareal). I think they will play cautiously and that could have them come unstuck. Aalborg also are not the walkover they are made out to be - a draw at CP earlier in the group and a draw at home to Villareal too would suggest it wont be easy for the Tims.

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I too am worried about tonight.


Best chance for Celtic to end their pitiful away record since they've been involved in the CL.


Aalborg sold a number of their best players after winning the league title last year. They had a new manager, replaced by Rioch I believe, who was sacked himself following poor results.


When they first played Celtic they were about 10th in their 12 team league.


They had a creditible draw with Villarreal and scored 3 at el Madrigal against what is one of Europe's strongest backlines.


They are a very weak side though, and despite Celtic's recent run of results owing a large part to terrible officiating in this country it still sends them into the tie with a lot of confidence.

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TBH I could care about them. I am a little worried that some Bears are taking on the train of thought that so many bitter Mhanks have carried all there life.


They hate us more than they support there own team and I hope that Rangers fans stop this niggly crap. Let them carry there hatred. We are above and beyond such Mopery!

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