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Anti-Rangers charities to close?

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"FURIOUS campaigners last night warned sectarian yobs have scored a major victory — as two anti-bigotry charities faced folding over a lack of cash.


Nil by Mouth — set up after a teenage football fan was murdered — will close within months if they don’t get fresh funding from the Scottish Government.


And Kick Out Bigotry has effectively shut down ALREADY after its cash supply was cut off — leading to fears of a rise in religious hate crimes."






Nil By Mouth was originally set up by Cara Henderson with the best intentions but quickly got hijacked by the anti-Rangers mob, and I'm sure everyone knows of the various examples that proved that they would only ever act or make comments about incidents that showed Rangers or their fans in a bad light.


I for one would shed no tears if this organisation was shut down, and its funding should have dried up a long time ago.


I had better hopes for Roddy McNulty's Kick Out Bigotry that was formed in 2007, but one of their initial conferences that I had planned to go to got cancelled on a couple of cocasions and they never seemed to get their act of the ground.


Having a look at their website, and it appears that they have fallen into the same trap as NbM. 5 articles on their front page.


One on a man singing a sectarian song at Ibrox Subway Station


Two on the so-called famine song, compounding the lie that it is anti-Irish.


One on a man who got beaten up and he believes that the attack was sectarian because "we were all wearing Celtic tops, and they probably saw the colours."


The last one takes the biscuit. "Celtic’s complex heritage open to distortion and abuse on Armistice Day" which states that "There are other clubs in Scotland and Britain who envy Celtic's colourful history and cultural make-up"


Obviously a balanced web-site. :rolleyes:



There is room for an anti-bigotry charity in Scotland but NbM proved a long time ago that it wasn't able to do it, and it seems that KOB is the same. It appears that the funders of these organisations have now reached the same conclusion as the rest of us.

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It's strange that any time I asked these two organisations/charities/publicly funded bodies to comment on my report into the sectarianism in football working group, they never got back to me. Not once.


One would think they'd be eager to work with ordinary fans, tax-payers and people willing to make constructive suggestions?

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it didn't fit in with their agenda.


Off topic here and im totally not saying anything against what you have put BD.


But its the use of the word agenda!....Whenever i use this word for "others" such as the illuminati or elite why am i accused of being a conspiracy theorist!!!


There are agendas in all walks of life from as high as Governments and Royal families to as low as Celtic FC.

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Everyone has an agenda, that doesn't mean that everything is a conspiracy.


I wouldnt say thats true. Not everyone has an agenda. If you knock someone down with your car by mistake and you happen to not like that person then you know you didnt do it on purpose, but others may suspect you did. Did you set out an agenda to knock that person down?


Its amazing how some people can be awake to certain issues (probably due to investigation)..yet blind to others (probably due to assumptions).

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gribz people are blind to the illumaniti because its just nonsense. agendas used in the sane sense refer to roughly subconscious motives. while we all think NBM are a bunch of petty protestant haters, and that they have an agenda i don't think they got together and had a meeting about how to set up a an organisation that would best infiltrate and reap and sew bad seeds maintaining more sectarianism than they prevent, and bring down the name of rangers. an agenda is not the same as a conspiracy.

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