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Anyone seen the film 'Clerks'

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Have just got it for the second time and the bloody thing is in black and white!!!


Two different files and both have the same results.


Got Cerks 2 but re-doing that one as the quality is shite.


Just wonderingg if anyone has seen them and if they are worht hte hassle :S

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Nice one Jon!!!! :D


And you rip the piss out of me for my computing knowledge!!!


Can see Im not going to live this down for a while ! LOL


I didn't know it was made in black and white. I'd never even heard of the film before :sigh:

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I thought Jon might try and delete the thread before anyone noticed.... oh well, too late, lol.


I havent seen any trailers of the second one, forgot they were doing a second one actually, gonna have to check it out.


Get 'Mallrats' too if you havent seen it.

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