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  1. Have you ever heard of Scot Symon, have you ever heard of Willie Waddel and I don't need anyone to back anything up, Mr Symon and Mr Waddell will do that nicely. :colbert:
  2. Would that be european titles won.....in amongst the big boys ??????...........:colbert:
  3. What it means is that you don't know...have a nice day...do some research...google is your friend, you can research WS's euro stats at the same time, sort of destroy both your waffles at the same time...
  4. Try a bit of research, what am I yer fekin secretary...
  5. Thank fuk Willie Waddell and Scot Symon liked to have a go.
  6. Most people would have taken it as a sensible observation, a bit like getting into a taxi and refusing to tell the driver your destination.......much like getting to a euro final and refusing to compete, simples.....failing to deliver, bottling it call it what you like, me I just call it piss poor management (like most of Smith's euro record) simples, even for you..:boogie:
  7. I wouldn't insult you, you would probably only enjoy it. As previously stated you waffle and waffle, now if you really need me to tell you when Smith bottled it.....you really do need a reality check Stevie.
  8. Crisis ? what crisis ? I see your inability to refute any valid of criticism of WS leads to you waffling and inventing slants on others opinions, I know Smiths �£total in his latest spell, obviously you don't or you wouldn't peddle pish.
  9. Who said he should go ? some are not as easily led as others, some can think for themselves, some don't swally the pish about Smith having had no money this time around (count up �£net and �£gross this time around, there again the figures won't suit the no money pish peddlers), finally WS is pretty average in the with the big boys, perhaps even a few rungs below that.........like I said big club and big fish in this very small shallow pond known as Scottish fitba, get a reality check.
  10. Wind up, yer avin a fekin giraffe, thems facts dude, piss poor in europe, bottled a final, and loadsa dosh to win a two horse race, a race in which the other runner usually only had three legs and one of them was broke.....
  11. You must be in the Stevie Wonder category, often and easily led..... PS...don't worry I wont post WS's euro record, it would only excite you. ...........And WS thought we played well yesterday, and there's more, but I lost the will to live after I read that pish.....
  12. Mr Smith has continually been unable to come up with the goods when it matters, 10 in a row euro cup final, euro CL games, 9 out of 10 posters on here would have won what Smith has, with the money he has had at his disposal, C'est la vie
  13. We have had every excuse under the sun for Sunday's drubbing, time to look for answers rather than excuses. The question is are there any answers, viable ones..........or is it now time for the board and AJ to make a statement of future intent and direction, that is of course if they know....or if Minty has yet informed them of his next "manoeuvre" .
  14. We may have had minor differences, but I always respect your opinions as being totally honest. I despair at the naivety of some of our fans, especially in all the regurgitated takeover nonsense. Some people seem more relaxed with the musings and utter bollox of failed hacks, rather than accept the word of our chairman, try as I may, I am beginning to lose the will to give the windblown, the forlorn and the downright stupid, the little snippets fed my way, was it ever any different. You know my views on Smith, today gave me no reason to change them......and a Happy New Year to you rbr, and one and all.
  15. I would explain the finer nuances of the expression, but I would only be wasting my time.
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