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British football pyramid, yes or no  

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  1. 1. British football pyramid, yes or no

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Apologies if this topic has already been covered, but if it has I missed it, so. As a British person I have always thought it strange that we have not got a British football pyramid. After all we have been a united people for over three hundred years and I can see only poitives coming from it, so why has it never happened ?  

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I believe, in the early days of football, it was steam-age away fixture logistics that stopped this coming about. By the time travelling the length of the country became more feasible the Scottish League was already established and thriving.


But in the TV age, every year that passes Scottish football falls further away from the elite leagues and drags us with it. If we're to have any future we need to escape, but I doubt a British League would ever gain support. If it did, we'd need oil Sheik or oligarch money to make up the ground.


Some kind of European league involving other big clubs trapped in small leagues seems more likely, but although the idea is raised once in a while it never seems to get anywhere. Even though I despise the Super League clubs, if ever they get their way it might indirectly open up  possibilities for us.

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Even if it means starting in league two.


Abso 'bleeping' lutely. 


3 hours ago, Graeme Ro55 said:

so why has it never happened ?  

This might piss off a few kids in the class. 

Just keepin it real. 


The fear...


The knowledge that we will no longer be a big fish in a small pond...just another fish.

Battles for league supremacy will be uncertain, perhaps not even a possibility.

Kiss European qualification goodbye for quite a few years...if lucky.

We will just be, average, for a while. Maybe even bad.

The whole 'most successful team in the world' moniker may ring a bit hollow as we are forced to truly fight for survival for the first time.


Identity Identity Identity...


Our duopolistic cartel would be dissolved and a HUGE part of our identity with it.

Thus there will be a gaping hole left in the visage that took over a century and a half to create.

As much as no one likes to admit it we are intrinsically tied in identity, culture, and image to them...our arch nemesis...the scum.

A bit redundant to be a pro-crown, UJ waving 'Loyalist' club...in England.

Not that there is anything wrong with that, but the whole point of that image is in antithesis to a broader, rebel Scotland.


Missing the Pain...


Finally, as much as everyone loves to complain about the SPL, refs, the press...THEM and their meddling, they love it.


Deep down they love the Hell out of the consistent BS.


Call it abused spouse syndrome, but like many abused spouses, it has become, partially, who we are.


Doubt me?


The financial collapse of the club over a decade ago...Allies? Proponents? Support? Votes for clemency?


Nearly every substantial club and fanbase in the country wanted us destroyed, leveled, and deleted from existence...'SMACK!'


A political, financial and legal frog stomp from an entire footballing nation...'SMACK'!


Kicked out in the rain with a handful of lint and pair of Irish sunglasses.




But what do I know...I am just that cousin in America telling you to pack your bags, for your own good. 








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