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[Official] Rangers announce departure of CEO James Bisgrove

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18 hours ago, JohnMc said:

debating and keeping a watchful eye on who is making decisions in Edmiston Drive is beholden on all of us. 

I suppose for this kind of oversight, if that is what is is, we need either a significant shareholding, or a coterie of 'activist' shareholders. 

The experiments in supporter group shareholding have been less than unalloyed successes, I think it fair to say. From the outside, it looks like supporters, or those who purport to be representative of them, are more likely to be keeping a watchful eye on each other, than on the activities of the Board, and the Company generally. 

At least part of the role of supporters' shareholding groups is, I take it, to be 'activist' shareholders (the other-major- part, I think, is to attempt to move to 'fan ownership', which is whole different scenario). 

It may prove difficult for an individual 'activist' or group of 'activists' to influence, far less control policy and direction, without taking the fan shareholding groups along (good luck with that), and where other shareholders have not only significant shareholdings, themselves, but also are creditors, whether soft, or medium, or hard. 

You might hope that the media, especially the business media, would expose outright blackguardism, or just plain bad business practice, but, as @Scott7 points out, above, the press, etc.  is full of whores, rogues, and Irish dancers.


I suppose, really, that we can't do much to determine direction, and strategy, any more than we can influence the Manager (or the Football Division) to buy, or not to buy, Lawrence Shankland. 

The support did, I suppose, stop the match in Australia happening, but in the great scheme of things...?


Investing in football clubs should, perhaps, be looked at as a long term option, and, actually, should not be done on grounds of sentimentality, or boyhood affection. The aim should be to enhance the share value, the overall value of the Club. To do that requires that the product (sorry) is improved, season by season, which means continuing success on the field of play. Generate income, reduce debt, keep the ball rolling, and implement a proper acquisitions and disposals strategy, and win. 

And this is where we return to the question of particular expertise and experience. 


The road to Hell, they say, is paved with good intentions. Rangers' experience is that is also paved with ill intentions.







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