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Maribor 2 - 1 Rangers: Player Ratings and MoM Poll

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Rangers lose important European tie amid farcical defending and further profligacy in attack.






The big man looks a snip at less than �£1million and already looks like our best centre half.


Really was Jekyll and Hyde performance from other players. Lots of decent work ruined after half-time.

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Dunno whether it was about the temperature (said to be roundabout 30 degress Celsius), but I said at HT to our folk over at the German board that we do indeed look somewhat lacklustre, just as if we could not find out of 2nd or 3rd gear at best. People you would have thought taking the game to them sprayed passes and flanks about that reminded you of a pre-season bout. Davis in particular was out of sorts.


With regards to the positives, Goian and Bocanegra looked decent enough, a major plus being that they appear to be no-nonsense folk who do the simple stuff and do it efficiently. Broadfoot was at his solid best - which is, with all due respect, a good SPL standard, but not much more - and was more impressive that our midfielders in going forward. Was actually astonished to see him more involved in our attacks than the far more pacy (but much less experienced (UEFA competitions that is)) Wallace. Ortiz was also involved, much less than he could be though, I'd assume. But I hope that he switches to his preferred right flank once we secure McKay. Jela worked his socks off, but with no support from midfield (Davis, Naismith and Edu being all over the place) fought a lost cause. It improved after HT, since Lafferty (once he got going) picked up the passes from the back and laid them off to Jela - a recipe for next week. Lafferty's height was probably the reason why he was preferred to the fitter Healy.

McGregor ... was left badly exposed for the two goals, both down to poor defending and lost attention ... on the left wing.

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Yeah, not much to disagree with there mate.


It was a strange game actually. We seemed to struggle for periods but always looked likely to create a bit of space in behind the Slovenian defence. We just struggled with the final pass/cross.

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McCoist did the right thing subbing Naismith, ensuring Rangers had every opportunity of finishing the match with a full compliment of players.


McCoist got it wrong, badly wrong putting on Lafferty. The player who is in a perma-state of homage to Edvard Munch was lacking both match fitness and sharpness. Incredibly, he was pitched in as central support to Jelavic just in front of a midfield four. He should have been slotted wide left in the functioning midfield five.


Our midfield got sucked forward, providing little or no protection for our defence and they played in behind. While I am on this rant, why did we allow the game to begin to lengthen immediately after half time? Surely, that is reserved for the last ten minutes? Our goal is a direct result of width, we spend the rest of the evening ensuring we do not replicate the phenomenon. Oh, and Jelavic has missed a lot of chances, I am consoled that he continues to get into the positions to miss them.

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As he proved during the last weeks of the season, Lafferty is primarily a centre forward. Him and Jela up front, with Naismith and Davis there to run into the spaces behind them. That said, he should get his act together and start scoring and performing consistently.

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Can't win if we don't score goals and until the final ball gets better and the front two find their shooting boots we are going to struggle Carlos looked ok but lacking any real pace which could be a problem because big Dorin ain't that quick either. When your best attacking moves come through big Kirk alarm bells should be ringing. Has to start the two new boys that's if McKay is here is he not still in Aus because the midfield isn't working can't string two passes together and lack of movement is shocking.


For me best two on the park Dorin and Kirk did nothing wrong and worked their socks off.

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