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Premier League 2023/24

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City put United back in their box, 3-1.


I didn’t see it nor did I listen to the commentary but when I switched on R5 for the result, I was lucky enough to hear soccer super sage Dion Dublin say “Bernardo Silva was outstanding without doing anything special”



The rest of them must have been rank rotten.

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19 minutes ago, compo said:

The gooners three up in fifteen minutes 

Seem to be hitting a bit of form again. 


Edit - 5-0 up and it's not yet half-time

Edited by CammyF
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15 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

When you captain Saka in your FL team and he scores nothing in a 5 goal match... 


Hd Reaction GIF

Subbed at half-time... 


kill me now barney stinson GIF

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I would love to see a Liverpool victory: mainly because I detest Citeh, but also because it would make a brilliant end to the season; I don't see Citeh dropping any more points, so a little head start for Liverpool and Arsenal would make it interesting.


A Citeh win means the season is over.  

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