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  1. I thought every Director had to pass a fit and proper test?
  2. Huge game tonight, and it is absolutely a must win for us. I was glad to hear SG agree with this assessment in the pre-match presser yesterday. Defeat and we are out, a draw and we are going to struggle to come 3rd and drop into the diddier diddy cup, whereas a win puts us right in the mix for qualification in top 2 of our group and sets us up for the 3 return fixtures, albeit with 2 of the 3 away from home. Above all else I would love to see a 90 minute performance of a standard similar to last season at this time of year. To be in mid-October and not have played a complete game and hit any consistency of performance is more than a little worrying, no matter what the domestic league table shows. Just a question I was wondering recently for the stattos among us (you know who you are!) At this time last year we were bombarded weekly with tales of XG ratings and how well we were doing. I would be interested to see our XG ratings in recent games, where we are having 25-30 shots at goal in 90 minutes, with more than a few really good chances but only scoring 1.5 goals per game in league games. Anyone compare our stats in this between this year and last?
  3. Is that right @CammyF? I didnt know that! That is amazing and I suppose goes to show just how humble our humble beginnings were that we had to borrow kit just to get a good photo! Thanks for the info.
  4. While the style and collar are clever, you can’t say it’s a nod to the gallant pioneers and lump a Castore badge on it and not use the star. At £68 it’s a total rip-off. What is this, the 55th new top this season between the 3 playing kits, training tops, euro travel tops, euro training tops, match day warm up kits etc? I don’t buy any of them anyway so it’s not affecting me and it’s clear our marketing department is doing some great work, but I really sympathise with parents and young fans who are targeted in this way every other week. Imagine what it’s going to be like in the Spring when we are actually 150 years young, when all this has already been maximised for us just being in our 150th year.
  5. Surely now that NI are no longer in contention for the 2022 World Cup, Davis can retire from international football and try to concentrate on the club that pays his wages. I thought it ridiculous that SG admitted he left Davis out our game v Hibs because he had 2 internationals and travelling coming up. Surely that is the wrong way round, and that Davis, having to be used sparingly at his age, should be giving his all for Rangers, and used sparingly for his country, even more so when they were playing effective dead rubbers with pretty much no hope of qualifying anyway? He owes NI nothing after giving fantastic service, he is still on big money with us and should be doing everything in his power to ensure he is available to play.
  6. Lundstrum cost us a goal, again, so he doesn’t get my vote this time. I’ll go for Balogun who had a very good game between defence and stepping into midfield as Hibs got deeper and he wasn’t needed as much back there.
  7. Big big game today and while I will take the 3 points in any way they come, we really need to be at a level only seen in glimpses to win this match. Very interesting line up selected, another chance for Wright to prove he can play at this level and Lundstrum hopefully can build on a better performance last week and show why the manager thinks there is a player in there. If we can get the service in to Alfie then hopefully he can start a scoring run today.
  8. And now it seems we have indeed followed suit and there will be no requirement for Covid passports for Sunday.
  9. Our keepers performance should not be overlooked. He made numerous good saves. The fact the 10 outfield players were pretty poor makes this quite an easy pick.
  10. I see Aberdeen have stuck both fingers up at Scotgov and told them that due to their utter incompetence they are not going to bother with Covid passport checks at Sunday’s game v bheasts. Cant do the imbedding article stuff but i came across it on Twitter and it linked to dolly’s website. A very powerful statement. I wonder if our club will follow suit?
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