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  1. Defoe for me, for a player of his standing and what he has done in the game to go to East Fife and take on the challenging conditions is testimony to his professionalism. He was unplayable, his movement, touch and finish is sublime.
  2. Jack for me, although I also think Davis had a great game, as did the whole team overall.
  3. I can't think when I last seen Jack have a poor game! he deserves all the plaudits he gets for his consistency, he loves playing for Rangers and is showing it.
  4. We have a very strong bank of midfielders, I would always have Kamara in my team, however I would also play Jack every time he is available, we all know every player can't play every game but it has to be good for us going forward we have such strong competition for midfield.
  5. I think Katic is a better player than Goldson. However you are highlighting any mistake Goldson makes just to prove a point, your point that you think Katic is better than Goldson!. I like both of them and they play well together, it's a team game and each player has a duty to help out his team mates.
  6. I was one of the ones who didn't log in until 18:40, had to use the other link provided but it was fine after that for me
  7. While I thought the whole team played very well last night, I thought Jack stood out yet again, what a player he has turned out to be, all through hard graft and listening to his coaches.
  8. I think not seeing the match was more annoying than losing a tenner!
  9. I would urge all who paid for the match and never got it to contact Rangers TV. Poor show from Rangers TV.
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