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  1. Aye! that will work! no chance any Rangers player would be allowed to do that!
  2. Lieswell runs Scottish football, fully backed & supported by all other Scottish clubs and the compliant Scottish gutter press
  3. due to Scotland's latest round of lockdown measures. By Aidan SmithSports Writer Celtic, Rangers and the SPFL are facing an anxious wait to find out if the first Old Firm clash of the season will be given the green light by government chiefs. The threat comes as government officials from the UK are meeting this morning to discuss fresh lockdown measures due to a sharp rise in coronavirus cases across the country. Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon yesterday warned the nation that 'additional restrictions' would almost certainly be put in place
  4. I haven't seen any bad posts on here! I see a lot of posts saying we were poor today, myself included
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