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  1. Scott, even with your capital, etc your company would have went nowhere if you didn't have folk working to provide you and your company with effort to arrive at a profit and keep/expand the business. Nothing wrong with that as long as it's noticed, as you did that the worker requires acknowledgement and reward. The other guy however following a period as long as I've been here with constant sarcasm and derision to anyone not wearing a swastika prefers to phrase matters such - " I owned and ran several companies around the world. I gave employment to hundreds" . He "gave" employment. Was that through kindness ? No sorry mate, if I choose to work for someone it's because I choose to do so. Nobody "gives" me work because of charity. They measure me, make a value on my worth and if I accept that job, pay me what they rate me at. In return I do a fecking good job while making them a profit through my efforts. In short mate, they want a good worker and I supply that. Nobody is doing anybody else any favours or handing out charity. A days work pays a days wages and if the company owner has his head straight he makes a profit.
  2. The problem there craig imo is down to what we perceive the guy was doing ---- he gave guys work ? Did he do it without making a profit from them ? Were they supposed to be grateful for working to provide somebody else a better standard of living ? Maybe more should have doffed their caps to him ? "Helping communities" by simply offering to profit from the sweat of others ? Mate, when I started work I was fortunate enough to have a list of employers I could have signed up to. But i never ever lost sight of the fact that THEY were earning money through my efforts. Unemployment, not through any fault of the employees may well have changed how employment is viewed these days - but that doesn't change the fact that "offering employment" with very very few exceptions wasn't out of the goodness of anybodys heart.
  3. No "suggestion" at all mate. It's been screaming out for ages. Some people are simply selfish bastards . A charity can is equivalent to a cross held up in front of Dracula to many. I'm alright Jack is acceptable.
  4. More people in work - in shyte zero hours contracts working with no health and safety protection, terrified they'll get the sack. Yep, that one works for me. While we're at it let's send the kids back up the lums. In work = no dole money.
  5. The referee wasn't good today mate but our guys acting like total clowns didn't help. Allan not being sent off was the only one I'd reckon affected the result. Yet again we beat ourselves.
  6. Were we playing for some trophy I was unaware of today ? What did Hibs win today ? What on earth was Lennon up to invading the park to impersonate a 9/11 airplane ? Did they not keep him up to date with the score at the Paedodome and let him know the score at the spoonburners park meant nothing ? Or was it simply what I suspected - that he is a classless maggot who's only aim is not to lose against the worlds most successful club ? Didn't win at home. Won nothing. Finished behind us. Yet acts as if his side just won the Champions League Trophy.
  7. Has anyone else noticed how the tone of the commentary has changed since we took the lead ? Spells of silence now and the disappointment in their voices is palpable.
  8. Halliday in any position worries me. Put money on him being the early sending off.
  9. Reply received this morning from my MSP. He will look into the matter but requires a pro-forma filled in giving him permission to act on my behalf. It's in the post apparently.
  10. For players or his wages though...... He's been threatening to leave if his best players are sold. No doubt his wages will be on the agenda too.
  11. To me it seems like the whole UK economy is built on mortgages, banking charges and domestic credit. When folk hardly earn enough to feed their families and pay their bills it's hardly surprising high street spending drops and stores go out of business. Umpteen years of no pay rise while everything around is going up won't last forever before the erse falls out the chanty. I really feel sorry for the youngsters today.
  12. For reasons previously stated here I'm one of the guys not renewing. However, to every Rangers supporter renewing or buying - I hope you have a great season watching the worlds most successful club.
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