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Ryan Porteous Probed By Police

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This story has rumbled around for the last three days.


It began when a woman living in Dalkeith awoke Sunday morning and looked at her door-cam footage. A designer wreath attached to the doorway in memory of her late Mother who had passed as a result of alzheimers had been taken during the night. The footage showed a grouping including Ryan Porteous removing the wreath. Apparently, Porteous ensured the wreath's return, minus a broach(incorporated into the floral reminder) belonging to the deceased and telephoned an apology.


The glass assault is a new event being reported on quite an evening.


Now, this is Hibs so the PR is already out there - a grouping staying close to their working class roots, drinking in the local Miners' Welfare up to daft boayness. Another round of exuberance?


You know how it goes, another Hibby, Leigh Griffiths enjoys lounging in Minors' Welfare(requesting naked photos of 14 and 15 year old girls on Facebook) and it's a laugh. We await Irvine Welsh and another machete analogy?

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14 minutes ago, MacK1950 said:

On and off the field seems par for the course if alleged assault is true he is unsavoury.

My daughter works with the girl who got her head split, although at the time I don't think she knew who did it? her family are all Hibs fans!!.

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1 hour ago, Nevermind said:

That particular club seems to attract that particular type. The list of neds in their employment past and present is quite mind boggling. 


Used to be a decent club and had a few good night's through there ( but that's going back a good 20 or 30 years!).

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