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  1. The majority of players linked to our club by the usual sources will come to absolutely nothing . Just clickbait
  2. Franc Ergs

    New Strip

    I couldn't care less about what age supporters wear a Rangers shirt , the important thing is, it's a Rangers shirt.
  3. Franc Ergs

    New Strip

    Can't believe they are advertising these in the online club shop. Dorrans may get a chance to wear it , but Worrall and Wallace ?
  4. I think it will go down to the wire, Liverpool to win on penalties.
  5. £20m for Morelos, and i'm sure we could bung in Lafferty and Hererra as a gesture of goodwill.
  6. I wonder was she above the law ?.😉
  7. Franc Ergs

    New Strip

    Mmm 🤔 not so sure about that top, looks to me like the sort of top you'd win bugger all in.
  8. You'd could have pissed them off completely by pointing out that we had a Sean , (Goss) playing for us very recently.
  9. They are not normal young people though , and as i'm sure they'll have been made well aware of , they are also still representing the club regardless of where they are . The 9 iar team got up to much worse , but back then not everybody carried a video camera.
  10. Absolutely, I would think a holiday somewhere with a certain degree of anonymity might be the preferred choice , but hey, what would i know.
  11. Confirmation that men can concentrate on two things at the same time .🙂
  12. The competition is given very little creedence by the super rich leagues, and the possibility of a Champions league place is the real prize for them. Can you imagine Rangers handing back tickets for the final ?
  13. Growing old is compulsory. Growing up is optional.
  14. McGregor . Without doubt the only player that has performed consistently, and to the level that is required at Rangers. He's been an influence in many other ways too. Wee blip at the end there, but he can be forgiven for that.
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