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  1. Think we're doing ok ,but they've ripped us open too easily down their right side though, need to sort that out.
  2. Would you say it was a bit like being up 2-0 away from home, then conceding four in quick succession ? 😆
  3. From German, popularised by Jürgen Klopp (1967-), German football manager. A tactic in which a team, after losing possession of the ball, immediately attempts to win back possession, rather than falling back to regroup
  4. Maybe they'd just been on the road too long ,and the madness descending from that just got to them. That was the first thing i saw them do live, certainly got my attention .
  5. Absolutely outstanding from Emma in every way 👏 .
  6. Scotland v Austria tonight ,..in Vienna. This means nothing to me.
  7. Robby McCrorie coming in as third choice and keeping a clean sheet in such a high profile game...gets my vote.
  8. Don't see why they don't just pre designate the first pot teams into whatever groups, would save time.
  9. my virtual draw Lyon Rangers Ludogorets Midtjylland
  10. Just watched it,..a quite incredible piece of skill.
  11. We should be disposing of Alashkert regardless who plays, .. they struggled to get through against Connah Quay Nomads.
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