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  1. In case you hadn't noticed , we haven't actually been winning too much of anything these past few years. It was a great achievement for Ryan ,and for the club.
  2. He didn't win the PFA Scotland Young Player of the Year for nothing.
  3. i can see where they got the "MASSIVE club" thing from. Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes teeing off at Hazlehead.
  4. I think a player that can still shine in the worst conditions , is indeed a player.
  5. A lot made of the conditions ,..didn't stop Aribo though.
  6. Tommy Sheridan anagram = My Random Shite. Coincidence ?
  7. Defoe,..though honourable mention for Jones.
  8. Oh they just couldn't resist it . A thunderous win for Rangers and Steven Gerrard, albeit four of their goals came when Hibernian were down to 10 men.
  9. We've been dominant throughout ,and this game should've been out of sight. Their goal looked well offside to me ,but haven't really seen it from a decent angle yet. Jones top man first half for me.
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