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  1. Regardless of how bad Scotland are, i believe it is still possible to qualify via the nations league thing,..thing is, i've read up on it , and i'm still in the dark as to how it works. I do some fairly complex tasks in my day to day job as a rocket scientist, but unfortunately i'm unable to grasp even the basics of the nations league.
  2. He went through the Brazillian defence like a dose of salts there.
  3. Not too much game time so far ,but i suspect he's still got a huge part to play this season. Happy Birthday 🍻.🥂
  4. Maybe just me, but i'm failing to muster any enthusiasm at all for this appointment. In this stats driven football world that we live in, surely there has to be dof stats ,and that includes Mark Allen in that too, i'd like to know exactly which players he was responsible for signing. Maybe i just need educated a bit more on the dof role. What i do know ,is than neither our Captain, or our best player , were signed during his appointment.
  5. Livi 1-0 up 👍
  6. It was a vacancy within the club, so he has no option other than to endorse it.
  7. There is an actual term for that, it's called The Grezda Effect' .
  8. I'd like to say that i'm absolutely gutted to hear this news,...unfortunately ,i can't.
  9. That's you doing an impression of Michael Stewart there Pete .
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