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  1. Seems to be a few recommendations for Bosch on here, so i watched the trailer , and must admit , i didn't feel the slightest bit compelled to watch it. A pish trailer i presume.
  2. The Rugby Park side’s chairman Billy Bowie has since confirmed this will be a long-term step and admitted that the potential financial costs are something that “doesn’t really bother” him, according to the Daily Record. Sounds to me like a man intent on running his club into the ground.
  3. I know who did it, can't say ,though the name definitely rings a bell.
  4. Damn ! just back from the bookies , ended up with Step Back.
  5. Winning 1-0 at Ross Co,... then losing a goal 90+4 😂
  6. Will there be a Grand National thread ? offering advice to those who bet once a year on something that they know absolutely nothing about, or shall i just throw my hard earned down the drain ? 😀
  7. Saturday 20 April: Hearts v Rangers (12:00), Kilmarnock v Aberdeen (15:00) Sunday 21 April: Hibernian v Celtic (12:30) Saturday 27 April: Celtic v Kilmarnock (12:30) Sunday 28 April: Hibernian v Hearts (12:15), Rangers v Aberdeen (15:00) Saturday 4 May: Aberdeen v Celtic (12:30), Hearts v Kilmarnock (15:00) Sunday 5 May: Rangers v Hibernian (15:30) Friday 10 May: Aberdeen v Hearts (19:45) Saturday 11 May: Kilmarnock v Hibernian (15:00) Sunday 12 May: Rangers v Celtic (12:00) Sunday 19 May: Celtic v Hearts, Hibernian v Aberdeen (both 15:00), Kilmarnock v Rangers (12.30)
  8. Flanagan at LB gives me the fear 😬.
  9. He's fair picked up on his English 😀
  10. Cut through our defence like a hot knife through butter 🙁
  11. Great watching 'Alfredo' cam, and just makes me appreciate him that bit more.
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