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  1. I hope we never get VAR , horrible the day you can't celebrate a goal when the ball hits the back of the net , and there appears already be an element of that in England. Morelos took some shit of their supporters today , and he gave it back to them big time , i say good luck to him.
  2. We're going to be underdogs regardless of who we draw, personally ,i'd like a shot at Arsenal or Man U.
  3. Just delighted we're through after after a fairly nervy second half. Next European game we'll have VAR btw.
  4. Ah well, to all those at PQ ,i';d just like to say..
  5. Presuming he's the FARE rep for our game v YB's tomorrow.
  6. I now suspect no longer employed by the club.
  7. I think they saw Kent as the threat today , and they pretty much nullified that threat ,every time he tried to cut inside , he was closed down.
  8. Don't think Brown touched the ball in the first half, and his second half consisted of two kicks at Morelos, one which should have been a penalty. Just wasn't our day,....again, i'm getting way to used to these days unfortunately. I never watched the penalty , because,...well i just couldn't, so i don't know if Tav stepped up initially, or what happened. Should've scored regardless.
  9. They took their chance/s , and we didn't .
  10. Sucker punch, ☹️ undeserved . Brown still getting away with everything, nothing new there.
  11. No complaints, dominated possession, were more physical ,winning the 50-50's,..did everything apart from score that first half. Morelos is getting space and that encourages me for the second half.
  12. Very encouraging signs from the training pics that Barisic could play.
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