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  1. Mmm.....Sebastian Lletget the ex teammate perhaps ?
  2. Franc Ergs

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Hibs vs Rangers

    Hibs 1 Rangers 1 FGS Arfield
  3. Franc Ergs

    Today’s MotM

    Yes, strange choice , Gregory Vignal picked Grezda on RTV.
  4. Franc Ergs

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Rangers vs Hamilton

    Rangers 4 - 1 Hamilton FGS - Arfield
  5. A good few players mentioned as potential signings but i'd I'd be more than happy with even just the certainty of Davis coming back in ,as he's going to know what the expectation levels will be ,and on his game he is a quality player . He's ex club captain ,so knows the script .. one very good midfielder doesn't only change the strength in midfield , he will have a knock on effect all over the park.
  6. Franc Ergs

    Ovie Ejaria: Returns To Liverpool

    Hearing the Scottish football is "Too physical" line, doing the rounds at the moment , and should he return early to Liverpool, then i'm sure that will absolutely delight Jurgen Klopp. Ejaria really needs to pull his socks up ..
  7. Eaves could be a decent signing,..as long as his fee doesn't go through the roof...i'm here all week btw.
  8. Franc Ergs

    [FT] Dundee 1 - 1 Rangers (Halliday 21)

    I thought we'd win this one easily, and that was even after they scored. They were trying to play football against us , then got a man sent off and subsequently stopped playing and just shut down shop. Our play was just so predictable ,and the Dundee defence must've been getting that feeling of deja vu with every attack. We are capable of so much better too, that's the frustrating thing. But yes, a creative midfielder .
  9. Franc Ergs

    The Captain Debate

    A captain needs a high level of consistency , so currently only McGregor fits the bill .
  10. He's still younger than Gareth McAuley 🙂
  11. Franc Ergs

    Rangers v Aberdeen

    Dull and uninspiring, and just a really poor game of football. I'd have thought the opportunity to remain top of the league might have inspired us ,...nah.
  12. Aye, the amount of love Stewart had for him was embarrassing.
  13. Halliday's done ok for us in that position, but I think that back four with Barasic in place of Halliday would be our ideal scenario.
  14. Franc Ergs

    John Maclean

  15. Franc Ergs

    John Maclean

    Is that the same John Maclean mentioned in SAHB's 'Buff's Bar Blues' ?

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