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  1. The SPFL held a "positive discussion" on Monday with philanthropist James Anderson over his "extremely generous" offer of financial support. Chief executive Neil Doncaster and chairman Murdoch MacLennan had talks with the businessman, whose proposal is intended to help all 42 clubs. Hearts owner Ann Budge told BBC Scotland on Saturday she had spoken to people keen to donate millions. Doncaster hopes to progress Anderson's offer "as swiftly as possible". He added: "The offer from James is an extremely generous one and we have committed to work together to quickly iron out the details and develop a concrete proposal which could make a significant difference to our 42 clubs." Anderson has reportedly said his proposed cash support is not dependent on league reconstruction and "not contingent". The Edinburgh-based investor has previously made similar donations to the arts world. Budge was critical of the SPFL's initial response after she approached them about the offer of cash backing from business people amid the Covid-19 crisis. The Hearts owner claimed she was asked to "put a paper in and they will discuss it next week". The Tynecastle club themselves have been the recipients of donations, with £8.75m gifted to them since 2017, according to their most recent accounts. Hearts' proposal for temporary league reconstruction - which would reverse the Tynecastle outfit's top-flight relegation - is to be discussed at a meeting of Premiership clubs on Monday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52881608 Gifting millions to Doncaster, what could possibly go wrong ?
  2. Doncaster can't fart without Rod Mackenzie's say so, and we already know his history, so i'd have him on that list too.
  3. Watched a recent interview he did, and would seem his desire is to play in the EPL .
  4. Franc Ergs


    The reviews on Squier Strats are good too, but would you buy one ? You could've spent a grand on a real mower like a Hayter Harrier 48 ,instead opted for the Squier Strat of lawnmowers. Of course it'll do the job, but people will be aware that you're not taking it too seriously 😉.
  5. Franc Ergs


    Sorted ! 😄 https://www.racingpost.com
  6. Hearts chief Ann Budge has said that "philanthropists" have been in touch to offer financial help to other Scottish clubs. Budge told BBC Sportsound that wealthy individuals or groups have offered no-strings-attached help worth millions of pounds. This would be to help ensure lower league clubs survived the Scottish football shutdown enforced by COVID-19. However the Hearts owner expressed frustration at the SPFL after being asked to put the information in writing and they'll discuss it next week, despite this being a time of emergency. She told the BBC: "I have taken to the SPFL an amazing philanthropic gesture from some of the people that I know, to help lower division clubs cope with the challenges that they are being confronted with. I've taken that to them, and now I'm being asked to put it down in writing, and tell them exactly what's on offer. "It's a nonsense, it's not quick enough. They are not decisive enough – 'being a member's organisation you'll have to put forward what you're suggesting'. I'm offering them money, not my money. A fund to help people. "They are philanthropists. They are people who can see what's happening. I know them. They know me because of Hearts, but that's irrelevant in this situation. What they are saying is 'we would like to help Scottish football' and I can't even get that moving." https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/sport/football/philanthropists-been-touch-hearts-owner-18336272
  7. Dingwall's a one horse town, and even the horse wants to leave ,so surely it'd have to be in Inverness. Tartan shirts ? you could definitely be their marketing guy 😄.
  8. Think it's because the Scottish cup is an sfa thing and not a spfl thing. If things don't go to plan and Hearts win it ,that would cause another shitstorm with the Europa league place.
  9. That fud Rod Stewart has a celtic kick drum skin, and all we get from Amy ,is a diamond encrusted saltire mic,..she really needs to do better. She could at least throw i some flute solo's .
  10. There will always be the question ,'Why did the EPL conclude, and not the SPL ?". And that's just one of the reasons why there will always be an asterisk attached to this seasons title.
  11. An ICT and County merger into Highland FC would make more sense ,and keep top flight football in that area.
  12. Irritates me when BT offer free weekend and evening calls , like they're doing you a big favour 😠.
  13. Great job again @Rousseau 👍.
  14. Franc Ergs


    I think you should let your son do it in that case , his constant laughter would be your Grandfather finally gaining retribution.😄 This is from the perspective of someone that's currently living with the aftermath and complete and utter shame of the self haircut. You're not a hair dresser ,and no amount of alcohol will make you one either, don't be tricked by the colour coded, idiot proof, comb attachments as they will fool you into thinking that you can't go wrong, and ,just like banging that fat bird when you were sixteen , you'll just regret it in the morning . Non colour coded ones will be even more dangerous ,because they give off the impression that you might even know what you're doing. I'm now sporting an unwanted peaky blinders look thanks to them, and my options in the way of a rescue haircut are now very limited.
  15. Franc Ergs


    I did mine yesterday ,watched some you tube vids for guidance , was really careful, took my time , and i have to say,.. i'm rather proud of the fact that i managed to fuck up so badly ,but still go to the shops without a hat. I'm sure your's will be fine though, you've got an eight year old helping you, ..what could possibly go wrong 😀.
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