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  1. Just one of many acts/bands i'm looking forward to seeing in a field in Somerset next week.
  2. From what i've seen of Cassierra ,the 8.5m valuation is way off,..half of that maybe.
  3. Not even glorious failure,...just failure.
  4. Good excuse to post this.
  5. A log burner and a chainsaw.
  6. After being one of the main reasons Rangers reached the Europa League final this season, Calvin Bassey was his team's best player in the named final. Despite being defeated on penalties, the merit of the young central defender remains intact. Two big clubs in Europe, Bayern Munich and Chelsea, try to close the arrival of the Nigerian in the next summer transfer market. Imposing in the crossing, good in the air, quick in space, with great character... These are some of the characteristics that define Calvin Bassey, the central defender of Glasgow Rangers who has been unleashed as one of the best players in the Europa League . Thanks to their good defensive work, the Scottish team was able to make a splash and met in Seville against Eintracht Frankfurt. Although the British fell in the penalty shootout, Calvin Bassey signed a pristine match. The good work of the young central defender, born in Italy but international with the Nigerian National Team, has aroused the interest of two great clubs in Europe. Despite having a contract with Rangers until 2024, Calvin Bassey could make the big leap in the next transfer market. The 2 big clubs that want to sign the best defender in the Europa League -Bayern Munich: After confirming the departure of Niklas Süle, in addition to the arrival of Antonio Rüdiger at Real Madrid, the Bavarian team has been left without possible troops in defense. For this reason, Calvin Bassey is presented as a possible candidate to reinforce the defensive plot. -Chelsea: The London team is the best positioned to sign the Nigerian defender. After the departure of Antonio Rüdiger, added to the more than possible departures of César Azpilicueta and Andreas Christensen, those from Stamford Bridge must urgently reinforce the defensive plot. Calvin Bassey, adapted to British football, would be a great reinforcement.
  7. We simply weren't good enough tonight. Absolutely gutted , but no complaints.
  8. Ahh,.. used to love that song he did 'Farmer Jack', it's an old favourite of mine.
  9. Got a link this morning from uefa for ticket resales , but again, missed out.
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