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Rangers boardroom battle: Member of rebel group says...

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.......................he won't work with finance chief Brian Stockbridge if voted onto Ibrox board

6 Dec 2013 07:54


SCOTT MURDOCH says finance director Brian Stockbridge's track record makes his position at Ibrox untenable.




A MEMBER of the rebel group aiming to be voted on to the Rangers board at the club’s agm on December 19 has vowed not to work with finance chief Brian Stockbridge if elected.


Scott Murdoch, one of four nominees put forward as potential directors by activist shareholders headed by Jim McColl, insists the track record of Stockbridge makes his position untenable and is adamant he must be axed.


Murdoch has also questioned the neutrality of new Ibrox chairman David Somers.


Murdoch, who aims to be voted on to the board with former chairman Malcolm Murray businessman Paul Murray and HR chief Alex Wilson, told The Rangers Standard blog: “I would not sit on a board alongside Brian Stockbridge.


“I would happily sit with the other guys to make sure they were trustworthy and if they were not,

I would expose them.


“To prove their independence, they can tell us how they were appointed. Were they appointed by Stockbridge? Who brought them on board? How did the chairman get selected?


“Also, if they are independent they will presumably realise the financial control of Brian Stockbridge has been appalling. He predicted a £7million loss which became a £14m loss only three months after he made the prediction. He is clearly incapable.


“If you were independent, you would surely ask him to leave.


“Stockbridge is like that cat with nine lives. How on earth can the man continue?”


“We are all sceptical of anyone coming into the club without having their true independence declared.


“We would like Somers and (non-executive director) Norman Crighton to prove themselves as truly

independent. We could all end up sitting on the same board.”


Meanwhile, Ibrox legend Andy Goram insists the record-breaking run of 19 consecutive victories put together by Ally McCoist’s side is “not comparable” with his Class of ’92.


A 6-1 win over Forfar on Tuesday set a new post-war benchmark as Rangers continue to sweep aside all comers in League One.


But The Goalie, part of the Walter Smith side that racked up 18 wins in 1992, said: “You can’t compare it because we were playing Champions League and top-flight football.


“As well as the winning run, we also went 44 games unbeaten.


“At the same time I’m of the view that a record is a record and they should be congratulated.


“You still have to beat the teams in front of you, which wasn’t happening last season. It is still hard work at that level and you have to earn the right to win when you are every other team’s cup final.”



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They don't get it. This sort of grandstanding, much like the behaviour of party politicians ahead of an election, drags the club's name into the gutter. These "people" should stop their showmanship and do what you would expect from Rangers people, TALK TO ONE ANOTHER.


If I had a share and a vote, I would probably not vote at all, as neither of these people deserve anything right now.


NB: I do expect that the Stockbridge issue will take care of itself sooner rather than later anyway.

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What will he do if he gets voted on and stock bridge stays, both are very unlikely thought.


Goram has a very valid point in that it can't be compared, the amount of money we are spending on players and their wages to play at this level we should have been on a longer unbeaten run.

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